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Bill and Ky Prevette Ministry and Bio - 2014

Bill and Ky Prevette, with their son Daniel, have been involved with Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) since 1985. They began their missionary work in India, Singapore, and Indonesia with Asian Teen Challenge. In 1988, the Prevettes were appointed as AGWM missionaries to work in Bangkok, Thailand. They spent the next 10 years in Thailand and Cambodia involved in church planting, compassion projects, and ministering to young people and women at risk from human trafficking. Bill and Ky served country directors in Cambodia and led the International AG Church of Phnom Penh. They were involved with many AGWM projects that cared for Cambodia’s children and youth. In 1998 they were seconded by AGWM to work with Mission of Mercy, an organization that sponsors 70,000 children in 35 countries. Bill directed international program development and led the research arm of the ministry.

In June of 2002, he began a doctoral research degree at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies ( At the invitation of Greg Mundis, Regional Director of Europe, the Prevettes moved to Bucharest, Romania. Based in Romania from 2002-2007, they served as the country moderators for the AG Field Fellowship, led the board of Teen Challenge, and Touched Romania, a ministry to women at risk. Bill focused on mentoring emerging leaders and teaching in a number of seminaries and schools. In 2008, Bill and Ky were ‘Missionaries in Residence’ at Southeastern University (Lakeland, Florida).

After Bill completed his PhD, they were recruited as faculty for the Oxford Centre. They moved to England in April of 2010 where they continue their work in global mission.

Bill now serves as a PhD research tutor at OCMS. He directs practitioner-based action research and supervises doctoral candidates from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. He specializes in work with children, youth and women at risk and in the fight against Human Traffkicking. 

Ky works with women and local churches in Oxford, she has completed her training to become a spiritual director with the Diocese of Oxford in 2013.

Bill continues to travel internationally, working with ministries and missionaries in Eastern Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. When not in Oxford, they serve as consultants and advisors to a number of faith-based agencies and churches. Bill states, ‘ our primary calling over the years has been to mentor and equip emerging leaders, training them to advance the Kingdom of God. We do this best by combining scholarship and meaningful action that enables us serve churches, families, and communities that are suffering the effects of poverty, exploitation, and corruption.’

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