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After 15 years of pastoral ministry, we have felt God’s leading for our family to work as full-time Missionaries with the Assemblies of God. We will be working with Latin America Child Care to empower kids through compassion, education, and transformation.  We want to help them realize that there is a God in Heaven that made them and loves them, and that He has a wonderful plan for their future! We will be working throughout the nation of Honduras, and will be living in the capital city, Tegucigalpa where around half of our schools are located.  There are two cities of over 1 million people in Honduras (Tegucugalpa and San Pedro Sula), and San Pedro Sula is known as The Homicide Capital of the World.  These two facts combined mean that we will have a lot to do when it comes to reaching kids in need.  

We are currently living in San Jose, Costa Rica, as we attend language school.  We need to learn Spanish very well, so that language will not be a barrier to us being able to reach children in Honduras.

We look forward to allowing God to use us to reach kids in Honduras, and we would love to partner with you to do it!

We have been unable to link our ministry Facebook page to this site, but you can find us by searching for: Andy & Jen Smith Missions


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