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Isaiah, Ian, & Imanuel

Serving in Venezuela, Latin America Caribbean

We have called VENEZUELA, SOUTH AMERICA home since November 9, 2005.

From July 2015 - Spring 2016 we are stateside preparing for our 3rd Term by getting new Visas, thanking supporters, sharing the weekly news of growth from Barquisimeto and raising additional funds for the next 5 years. We are anxious to tell  our stories, go to your church or ministry setting, minister in small groups and give testimonies of Christ's work in Lara State.   

We are privileged to be leading and resourcing believers, leaders, local pastors, & out going Venezuelan nationals as missionaries with the education and wisdom necessary to plant churches, disciple believers, & train ministers.

In Venezuela The Lord gives us spiritual influence daily through the following ministries we lead. The MCO Project: we have 3 churches that began with children & youth as the core group, trade schools, GED program, and sports schools & social programs. With Latin America Child Care we assist 2 private Christian elementary schools with over 350 children.  By Assisting the National Deaf Ministries we do pastor and leader education and on the Bible School Campus there is now a 2 year old Deaf Church that runs over 100 in weekly attendance with full time pastors! Through our new Epicentro Project we house several of the ministries above, host 5 feeding programs and assist a children's home.

January 25, 2015 we celebrated 6 years of ministry history in country in Venezuela. Novemer 10, 2015 we will celebrate 10 YEARS with a misisonary appointment by AGWM. Thank you for visiting us here and learning more intimately about how we express our Venezuelan Missionary Calling with the assistance of those who help fund us. 

Dios te bendiga grandiosamente!!

Los Nelson

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  • For the last year all of us MCO Pastors have been praying for the opportunity to plant a church in Sarare. It's located an hour SE of Pavia and about 20 mins from our Cabudare church. This will be number 4. Please pray with us and cry out "Lord, please open the door for MCO in Sarare if it is your will."

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Disclaimer: This article was written yesterday but I was unable to publish it. Please indulge me & pretend you are reading this yesterday!  Life is filled with ups & downs, twists & turns, & occasionally moments of complete & total shock. Our life has been no exception to that rule. There are those moments in life where your world simply stands still. For our family of 5 Nelsons,
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In 1998 our family was forever changed. My niece, Amber, was born. She was the first of the grandchildren so she was destined to be spoiled. She was the apple of our eye & the center of every visit. Amber with her Daddy (my brother, Phillip) and his friend, Beavis at their college graduation. She remained the only grandchild for 2 1/2 years until Isaiah joined the party. Isaiah
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I am pleased to announce that the hiatus is over! According to, a hiatus is a break or interruption in the continuity of work. Where I do not feel that the continuity of our work has been on hiatus, I know that my blogs have... Venezuela sort of shuts down from mid December til the end of January for the holidays. I guess they take a sort of hiatus of their own!
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Have you ever been so busy that you just prayed for a moment of silence? Peace & quiet...  Tranquility...  Usually, I find myself wanting those peaceful moments in times of busyness & often confusion. Living in Venezuela, moments of peace are few & everything seems to come accompanied with confusion & a side order of chaos. One has to look hard & intentionally to find the silence.
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What's the difference? An I really making a difference? I think lots of people spend at least a portion of their lives asking those very questions. We all get to the place where we wonder if the things we are doing are actually making a difference.... Chris & I are no different & honestly ask that question A LOT! Missions... Venezuela.... Teams... Sacrifices... Stress... Craziness
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MCO Project

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MCO Project is a 4-14 Window Church Planting Movement. Pavia public High School has asked us to host Satellite Classes on our property next school year. Help us build all 5 class rooms on our MCO Pavia Campus. Total cost is $25,000 or $5,000 per classroom. Our 3 MCO churches have 5 different feeding programs of which 1 assists a children's home with 50+ orphaned children. $200/month is needed to sustain this, will you help?


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Epicentro is a multipurpose property and we are almost finished with the project code. This 6,780 SF of property in Cabudare houses: MCO's #3 Church, Latin America ChildCare National Office, Epicentro Ministries, 3 MCO Feeding Programs and my admin location. We minister to a Christian Children's home of 50+ orphaned children and teens. They also benefit from our feeding program. The closeout costs include construction costs of the church, kitchen, work offices and pastor's apartment.