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For 11 YEARS, We have been appointed to VENEZUELANS in SOUTH AMERICA since November 9, 2005.

We are currently in NC, USA. Venezuela as a country is going through a critical time and as an AGWM Mission Field it is closed. However we remain appointed as Christ's Ambassador to the people and church of Venezuela as well as to all Latinos here in the USA.   

We are privileged to continue leading and resourcing believers, leaders, local pastors, and out going missionaries with the education and wisdom necessary to disciple believers, train ministers and plant more churches.


In Venezuela The Lord continues to give us spiritual influence through the following ministries that we lead there. Our MCO Project: we have 3 churches that began with children and youth as the launch group, GED program, trade school, sports school feeding ministry and other social programs. The mother church ministers to over a 1,000 Children and Teenagers a week in Pavia. LACC or Venezuela Child Care economically assists 2 Christian elementary schools in Caracas and Quibor with over 400 children in attendance that can be sponsored. Via the National Deaf Ministries we educate and mentor Deaf pastors and leaders. We assisted in planting a New Deaf Church in Barquisimeto in 2013 that is home to over 200 with full time pastors! 

January 25, 2016 we celebrated 7 YEARS of Missionary history in Venezuela. November 10, 2016 we celebrated 11 YEARS with a Career Missionary appointment by AGWM. Thank you for visiting us here and learning how we express our Missionary Calling to Venezuelans and Latinos with the contributions and prayers of people like you. Please click on the Give Now button to donate below and save the link for future donations. To make your contribution go further please make a recurring financial donation to us. The links for these options are within the Give Now function.

Dios te bendiga grandiosamente!! (God bless you greatly)

Los Nelson (The Nelsons)

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Happy Birthday to Jehieli Samay Perez from the Nelson Family
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MCO Project

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MCO Project is a Church Planting Movement thru Children & Teens. We have 3 churches. Mizrain Perez is worthy of scholarshipping. For $30/month or $360/year this pays for her University studies, bus faires, books, meals and school materials. Mizrain's is a Freshman, her Major is Physics and her calling is to be a overseas missionary. We need $25,000 to do a structural makeover in the kitchen area behind the church for the feeding ministry. We feed in some form everyday.