Steve & Jennifer


Gavin, Aiden & Mathison

Serving in Czech Republic, Europe


We are in our 2nd missionary term in the Czech Republic. We were discipled

through Chi Alpha at Sam Houston State and it was there where we were baptized in water

and in the Holy Spirit, exposed to missions and were called into the ministry. We met in

college and got married after graduating. We celebrated our 14th anniversary this past

December. We have 3 sons Gavin who is 9 years old and Aiden who is 7

years old, our 3rd son Mathison is 5 years old and Eleanor who is 7 months old.



We will be helping to develop the ministry towards university students in Czech

Republic. The Czech Republic has more alcoholics than evangelical Christians and

upwards of 97% of the country holds to atheistic beliefs. Our hearts are for students to be

reconciled to Christ, transforming not only the university, but also the marketplace and

the world. Students are the most open people group in that country, so we believe that

they are key to seeing a nation changed. We are currently reaching out to University Students in the City of Olomouc.



We served as students and staff for 10 years with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship on the

university campus of Sam Houston State in Huntsville, Texas. In 2004-05, we also served

with Chi Alpha in Belgium for 18 months as Missionary Associates. We served 8 years in

the Czech Republic as Nationally Appointed Missionaries.

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