Daniel & Janene


Katherine, Stephen

Serving in Mexico, Latin America Caribbean

During 2017 and early 2018, Daniel and Janene Hazelrigg are itinerating in Oklahoma and Montana, with a few services elsewhere. They are currently raising their budget to return to Chiapas, Mexico. Their itineration was extended by the surprise arrival of their son in November. They plan on returning to Chiapas in May 2018.

They are currently needing around $500 in monthly support to return to the field.

During the past 4 years, they have attended language school in San Jose, Costa Rica, as well as began ministry in Chiapas. There they have been teaching future pastors at Instituto Biblico Nazaret, as well as training new children's workers on how to teach the Bible to children. They believe that Biblical education is for all ages, not just for adults who want to be pastors. They are planning on returning to Chiapas in May 2018.

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