Kevin & Sandy


Serving in Estonia, Eurasia

Account #2155067

394 Dillon Rd.
Acme, PA 15610

Kevin & Sandy Barner are Fully Appointed Missionaries to Eurasia. During their 1st Missions assignment, they served as Lead Pastors of ICA Moscow, our A/G International English- speaking church in Russia for 7 and a half yrs.

In their 2nd Missions assignment, they served as Lead Pastors of ICA Bangkok, our A/G International English-speaking church in Thailand for nearly 6 yrs.

Their NEW assignment is serving as Area Pastors of Eurasis NorthWest and centers around creating a healthy and nurturing environment for all of our Missionaries in ENW to enable them and empower them to be fruitful and productive to build and establish the church where it is not. Additionally, the Barners serve as members of the Church-Planting Team in ENW.

The 7 countries of ENW represents 63 million people from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, & Armenia, all of which were part of the former Soviet Union.

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