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Connor (16) Christa (14) Claire (12) Caleb (9)

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A Family to the Orphaned

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Kings Garden Childrens Home


A place to overcome the orphan mentality, a lie which tells children they are alone and will never reach their full potential  ~ At KGCH we are developing spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy, followers of Christ. We Hold on to the promise of God, that says "Children can overcome any obstacle, and WILL make a difference in this broken world!"


"When my Father and Mother forsake me, The LORD will receive me and hold me close" Psalm 27:10




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Kings Garden Guesthouse

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**** UPDATE****- We completed the guesthouse March 2019 and it's ready to host our guests and missions teams!!! We renovating a old school building so we can host missions teams who come and serve the children at King Garden Children's Home

Perimeter Wall around Kings Garden

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We are in the process of completing the hollow block wall the secures the 12 acre property of Kings Garden Children's Home. There is roughly 350 meters that needs to be constructed. Phase 1 is the 150 meters at the back of the property. We broke ground March 2019 with an anticipated finish dated of June 2019. Phase 2 is finishing the 200 +/- meters on the south side of the property. Estimated start date of phase 2 is October 2019 with a completion date of February 2020.