Bill & Bethany (Joy)


Maeghann, Will, Josh, Zakk

Serving in Curaçao, Latin America Caribbean

We are the McClure family! Bethany (Joy) and I have four amazing children; Maeghann, Will , Joshua, and Zakk. We are from Reading, Pennsylvania and have been married since 2005.

I (Bill) heard the calling for our family to become Missionaries in 2009, but we really didn't know what that looked like just yet. We began working with "local missions", I worked/volunteered at a local men's homeless shelter and Bethany jumped into working with our Church's children's ministry as a small group leader.

In 2015, I had started feeling the stirring in my heart that we needed to start looking into Global Missions. We didn't know where to begin and just started to pray. Bethany (Joy) heard about an opportunity for our family to go to Southeast Asia for 6 weeks in the summer of 2016 to teach English. I was ready to jump in and by God's grace and His provision, we were able to go. We thought that this would be where God was going to call us, but while we were there God showed us that it was Antigua, (in the Caribbean, West Indies.) where he wanted us to begin our career as Missionaries with AGWM.

Our hearts have been ripped wide open for the people of the Caribbean, who typically live in poverty, spiritual darkness and also for the many who are spiritual orphans, homeless or prostitutes; so many of whom are children. We had no idea that this was such an issue, because typically you think of the Caribbean, you see cruise ships, beaches and resorts! You don’t think of a need for God or His love and power... but there is... a HUGE need.

While we were in Antigua, we helped to build up the first AG church, New Life Assembly of God. Bethany (Joy) reformed the children’s program as the Children’s Ministry Director of New Life and I reformed the Bible Institute which helps those called into ministry to receive their credentials. Together, we worked side by side in the church teaching and doing various other tasks. God showed us while we were in Antigua, that this was the starting ground for us. We have since begun the application process to become Career Missionaries with AGWM and have also received our credentials through the PennDel Ministry Network. He showed us the deep need for Bible-centered churches to be planted throughout the Caribbean. God has called us to be pioneers in the Caribbean, to plant His Church in places where there is need, and bring His power, truth and love to its many nations and islands.

We will begin that call the same location that many of the indigenous of the islands Suriname.

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