Hazael and Nancy


Chi Alpha Directors

Serving in Korea, Asia Pacific

Over the past 3.5 years, Chi Alpha Korea has connected with a few hundred students through various forms of outreach, seen 25 people make a commitment to Jesus as Lord, led several students in yielding to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and developed a leadership team of disciples making disciples on 4 university campuses in 3 different cities. God has given us friends from 3 of the 4 unreached people groups represented in Korea: North Korean refugees, Japanese, and Mongolians, and He has given us opportunities to participate in the continued development of Chi Alpha across Asia Pacific, including in the Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, Fiji, and Mongolia.
It is our prayer and mandate to make disciples who make disciples to the ends of the earth. For this reason, we have spent the past 1.5 years significantly shifting our ministry focus away from gathering students to COME be discipled, and instead very intentionally focusing on discipling the students we have to GO make disciples within their spheres of influence. It has been a huge challenge to understand the dynamics of leadership development within Korean culture and pave the road for students to walk particularly as very rigid hierarchical cultural norms limit who can lead. This is where God used me during my 1st year in Korea to model an attainable leadership role and invite our members to come alongside. As a result, we now have a leadership team of Chi Alpha memebers who have taken full responsibilities for all of our campus communinties.
I am eager to go back and continue pastoring these disciple makers.

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