Serving in Indonesia, Asia Pacific

Doug does Leadership Training and Development in Indonesia. He studied at Wichita State University, Central Bible College, Evangel University, and Fuller Theological Seminary. He has done practical ministry and leadership training with Hispanics, Vietnamese, Dutch, and Indonesian peoples. His heart is to reach the “Never Reached” at any cost and to give an opportunity to the "forgotten" peoples of the world. 

Doug Hollis first visited Indonesia in 1996 and God confirmed a call to this island nation. Indonesia has 17,000+ islands and is the largest Muslim nation in the world. Today Doug is focused on attempting to bring “Transformation in a Generation” to the island of Sumba. He is the advisor/mentor to the newly formed Sumba Assemblies of God district in Sumba, Indonesia and directs/advises the Sumba “House of Hope” (Uma Monungu), a youth discipleship complex which is home to 40 young people and center for 300+ youth involved in sports, music, business and English training. 


His ministry also involves community development through water pumps, water tanks, medical outreach, and education scholarships for elementary, jr high and high school students as well as micro-enterprise development. He offers finance training seminars and small business training for church planters and leaders. He also shares his life with people from various religious backgrounds and opens the door for them to experience Christ’s presence in unique and yet natural ways. 

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Sumba Pastor Support

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A revolutionary approach to Transformation in the next 5 years for our 50 Sumba pastors: 1. Provide a smartphone for each pastor 2. Provide a motorcycle for each pastor 3. Provide intensive selective mentoring/leadership coaching in small cluster groups 4. Sponsor each pastor $50 monthly in order to be healthy physically, learn to budget finances and begin a small side business (purchasing goats, chickens on a monthly basis)


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Soccer is a significant tool to influence young people & the community. We need to purchase land for practice & playing fields and need an operating budget for the next 3 years to continue competitions (both soccer and futsal), as well as to provide uniforms, soccer balls, coaching tools, training for our 5 teams and coaches. 1. Soccer practice field 2. Soccer competitions and regular training 3. Uniforms, shoes 4. Coaching training in Java/Bali 5. Land for soccer field

House of Hope Students

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We house 40 students at the House of Hope, a youth discipleship complex. Students are selected from villages throughout Sumba because of their potential (school ranking, sports, music, leadership potential) & attend public schools. All living, transportation and school expenses are paid for + additional training in English, music, sports (soccer, volleyball), computer, finance & business. Radical transformation via lifestyle discipleship. The cost is $75/month per student. Goal: 100 students

Sumba University Students

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As a part of our overall strategy to “Transform an island in a generation” we now have 10 students attending university in Sumba, Kupang, Bali and Jawa. Because of the poverty and challenges for these students to adequately finance their university education, we would like to resource these university students with laptop computers as well as $1000 financial assistance per student per year during their 4 year education.

Boy's Dorm/Multipurpose Meeting Hall for District

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To expand our potential to reach and disciple young men in Sumba, we need to build a dorm building for 24 boys/young men (our current dorm is able to house 24 girls and our boys are scattered in various rooms in our Learning Center and Fitness center). This building (130x60 feet) would also house a Multipurpose meeting hall for our Sumba District meetings. Currently we are meeting for all District meetings in our Learning Center, which is limited in size and space for these meetings.

Van/Bus for Students/Pastors/Teams

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We have 2 vehicles used to transport our students, pastors and visiting teams but both are old and in need of replacement. We would like to purchase a minibus or bus to be able to move these larger groups of people to daily school as well as ministry trips and outreach.


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We need a significant presence/strategic building in the major city of Waingapu for the Assemblies of God. As part of our “Transforming” strategy, the 6200 square foot Dream Center will house: 1. New Creation Assembly (Indonesian Service) 2. International/English Worship Service 3. Church Planting Missions Bible School 4. English School 5. Music School 6. Outreach Café