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Serving in Mexico, Latin America Caribbean

We are in the US after our third term as your missionaries to Chiapas, Mexico. God is moving in many ways and is opening new doors of ministry.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and share with churches what God is doing in Chiapas.

You can become a part of our team so that more work can be done and more people impacted for the Kingdom of God. Join our team by committing to pray, contributing on a monthly basis or to a project, or by coming down on a missions trip.


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Bible School Construction

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Through the Bible School we are impacting hundreds of ministers from across the state and the country, but we have reached our capacity for students during the June Bachelor’s level classes and need more space. We have started Phase I of a new building that will have a large classroom, restrooms and a library downstairs and more dorm rooms upstairs. This building will also help to accommodate groups who use the facilities for retreats and events.

Print on Demand System (POD)

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Printing costs continue to rise in Mexico, while the income for the people remains the same, which negatively impacts our Bible School students and ministers as they try to find resources to help them in the ministry. We have to print large quantities at a time in order to reduce the cost, but it is very difficult. This system will enable us to produce quality materials one book at a time, also we will be able to inexpensively print materials in the indigenous languages.