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Serving in Thailand, Asia Pacific

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Dear friends and family,

I am an MA who is committed to sharing Jesus with the people of Thailand.  I have completed my first two years in Thailand, and I plan to return for another two years before serving in Thailand as a career M.  I am serving with a team whose main focus is to plant churches among a large minority people group in Thailand we call cousins.  While I plan to continue serving with this team, God has also opened opportunities for me to partner with a local Thai church, as well as to serve communities through various community development projects -- which will open more opportunities to share Jesus with Thais in these communities.  Also, being an occupational therapist, I hope show Jesus' love to families with disabilities as God opens opportunities.  With Bangkok's average Christian population being only about 1%, many people have yet to have heard about the love of Jesus even once.  Thank you for visiting this website, and please prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and finances to see Thai people come to Christ!

In Jesus,


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