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Elayna, Annalise, Abigail

Serving in Senegal, Africa

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Jeremy and Jenilee Goodwin are both ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God. After college, they served in children's ministry for 12 years in the Ohio Ministry Network. In 2013, God opened the door to West Africa where Jeremy and Jenilee currently serve as AGWM missionaries. Through relationship building, leadership training and mentoring, they assist our national churches and pastors to build healthy children’s ministries to better reach the next generation for Jesus.


They have 3 girls: Elayna, Annalise and Abby. As a family, they love playing in the outdoors, exploring far away places, trying new things, drinking coffee and making life adventurous and fun.


They are currently on itineration and praying to be back in Senegal in June 2018. Please pray about joining their #buggingyouteam and being a part of what God is doing in West Africa!


Read more about life #behindtheprayercard here.

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  • Please pray for us this summer in our travels from event to event, state to state. For health, safety, our van to work well and God's anointing on us as we share about our lives in Senegal!

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Travel Journal Ideas for KIDS! With Printable Pages

As families who travel a lot, finding ways to remember the fun means finding some travel journal ideas.

Whether you homeschool on the go like we do sometimes or are going on vacation and want your kids to have a way to jot down the details and memories of their days, you need a format, a guide, a journal of sorts made just for travel.

Travel journal ideas that will spark their interest, build their creativity and give them a memorable way to keep track of each family journey.

Family travel journaling is something we’ve done on and off over the years.

Finding travel journal ideas is not always the easiest thing to do. And, making sure to have a journal on hand when you need it can also be challenging.

But it is worth it.

Kids Travel Books gives us a great reason for travel journaling and says, “The reason being, I concluded, is that when you read and write, your life is truly enriched. The more you read and write, the deeper your thoughts and the deeper your understanding of the world.

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Feeling Emotional During Transition

Feeling emotional can truly take you by surprise.

The moment you are sitting there and find yourself saying, “I don’t even know why I’m crying!”

Or, for me just yesterday, saying, “I didn’t mean to cry about this!”

Feeling emotional

It is just part of life.

It is an even bigger part of transition. Throw in multiple transitions in a few short years and you have feelings and emotions galore.

Expat, overseas, missionary life is complicated with how many feelings and emotions we can experience in a short amount of time, especially during transition.

There is a mental game that happens with going, with transition, with change.

A mental game so full of feeling emotional that there are times I don’t know how to even put into words the emotions building inside me.

Fear – This one is at the top. For me, it isn’t a “shaking in my boots” fear. It is a low, deep understanding that I have no control over what is coming. Fear of the unknown, fear of what I can’t see, fear of what we are facing…

Wonder – I sit in awe sometimes at what we are doing, how we are living, the things we see and experience.

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10 Funny Videos to Help Explain Missionary Life

Are you ready to laugh and see some funny videos to help explain missionary life and overseas life?

You know when you see something funny and it really strikes you as true for some circumstance in your life?

That’s how this list came to be.

You see the video clip and you laugh and laugh and laugh because it really, really explains some vague aspect of something you are experiencing.

You see it and you must share it with someone.

Someone who gets it. Someone who might see it and laugh right along with you.

Someone who might need the stress relief of a good laugh.

Or even, share it with someone who might not know and this is a fun way to explain a part of your life that is otherwise unexplainable.

I put together this list of fun videos Life that I hope will spark that laugh for you.


10 Funny Videos to Help Explain Missionary and Overseas Life

1} The Mouse – While we were raising support for the very first time, this commercial made me laugh.

Continue reading 10 Funny Videos to Help Explain Missionary Life at Our Goodwin Journey.

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Preparing Kids For Furlough

Preparing our kids for furlough, planning home assignment, putting details together for that long trip home… daunting.

Daunting for our girls and daunting for us as we walk them through the blank space of yet another major transition in their young lives.

I’m not sure how to do it.


Re-entry is often proclaimed as quite difficult among expat circles. Some say that re-entry will be harder yet than anything we’ve done so far.

(you can read about re-entry here)

So, how do we walk our kids through it and prepare them a year in their passport country?

Read: You know you are prepping for furlough when

They are third culture kids now.

That means they “integrate aspects of their birth culture (the first culture) and the new
culture (the second culture), creating a unique “third culture” (you can read more here – TCKidNow).

My American born girls have lived in France, learned French, know pieces of other languages, moved to Africa, experienced West African culture, tasted new foods, attended international school with 19 other nationalities and now have friends from literally ALL across the globe.

Continue reading Preparing Kids For Furlough at Our Goodwin Journey.

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A day in the life in Senegal #behindtheprayercard
Watch this video

sharing about life #behindtheprayercard and a glimpse of what God is doing in Senegal
Watch this video

The arrival of our Speed the Light Toyota Hilux to Senegal, West Africa!
Watch this video

Sharing some big news with our supporters and churches!
Watch this video

August 2014 - August 2015 our family lived in Massy, France to attend language school and learn French
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