Jeremy & Jenilee


Elayna, Annalise, Abigail

Serving in Senegal, Africa

Account #2669562

11310 84th Ave
Allendale, MI 49401

Jeremy and Jenilee Goodwin are both ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God.
After college, they served in #kidmin for 12 years in Ohio. In 2013, God opened the door
to West Africa where Jeremy and Jenilee currently serve as AGWM missionaries.
Through relationship building, leadership training and mentoring, they assist our
national churches and pastors to build healthy children’s ministries to better reach the
next generation for Jesus! They have 3 girls who are learning life from around the world.
As a family, they love playing in the outdoors, exploring far away places, trying new
things, drinking coffee and making life adventurous and fun! You can always find them
living life overseas via instagram.

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Family Mottos – Good Mottos to Live By

“You have family mottos?”

“Yeah… Well, we have these phrases that my dad taught us. My mom added some too.”

This is a common conversation when people are talking to our girls.

The next question is always “What are your family mottos?”

Soon, three Goodwin girls are reciting by memory our list of fun family mottos that are a part of our family culture.

They are good mottos to live by and things that our girls can fall back on throughout their lives.

I shared a few of our family mottos briefly in this post but I’ve been asked by some of you to expound a bit and share them all.

Apart from family devotions and parenting ahead, these family mottos are at the core of raising our girls especially in their teen years.

What is a motto? says “an expression of the guiding principle of a person, organization; a sentence, phrase, or word expressing the spirit or purpose of a person, organization.”

What is a family motto?

A phrase or slogan that is a guiding principle for your family or a sentence that expresses the purpose or spirit of your family.

Continue reading Family Mottos – Good Mottos to Live By at Our Goodwin Journey.

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Tips for Strengthening Families in Transition

Families in transition face some monumental challenges in the weeks and days leading up to a major life transition.

We are realizing again how traumatic, overwhelming, exciting and emotional these global transitions can be for the whole family.

For families in transition, finding the resources, help, and needed support can be difficult.

Especially for families in transition around the world on constant repeat.

For our family, we all sense the next transition and begin feeling the effects about 2 months prior to the move.

We all feel the emotions building. We all experience the mixed mental challenges of being here and being there at the same time.

So many decisions, goodbyes, frustrations, to-do lists and challenges come into play each day through a cross cultural move.

Stress rises, tensions escalate and tears flow.

Random meltdowns for kids and parents alike are normal for families in transition.

Sometimes teachers notice, sometimes friends feel the tension, sometimes close family sees the effects of another move. Generally, people aren’t sure what to do or how to help.

But what can we all do to help families in transition get through the moving season in healthy, good ways?

Continue reading Tips for Strengthening Families in Transition at Our Goodwin Journey.

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Newsletter Ideas For Overseas Workers

You are on the hunt for something fresh… newsletter ideas to get you in the writing mood.

You know it is time to send out your next newsletter but you just aren’t sure what to say.

You wait another month. And then another.

And pretty soon, it has been ages since you’ve last communicated with your support base.

Or, you send out newsletters regularly but no one opens them. No one responds to them.

Not only do you spend hours trying to get yourself to actually write the newsletter, when you do start writing, out flows this amazing, deep, full-of-numbers, picture-packed, newsy ebook that even your mom thinks is too long.

You probably spent a whole day designing the colors and the fonts and editing your pictures to be just so.

Only to have it go unread by the hundreds of people you’ve sent it to.

So why do it? Why should we send out newsletters?

I’ve been asked a few times recently for my thoughts on writing newsletters.

“We desperately want to write newsletters that people will excitedly read and not cast aside because they’re long and boring.” – new blog reader

Newsletters are important.

Continue reading Newsletter Ideas For Overseas Workers at Our Goodwin Journey.

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10 Life Changing Phrases that Purify

Looking for real, lasting, life changing methods and solutions?

Are you looking for things that will drastically impact your daily life?

For me, this happens when I’m reading the Bible and a certain phrase stands out from the rest.

A verse that jabs my heart and tugs at my conscience.

I quickly grab my journal and a pen and write the verse down. Maybe taking a highlighter and marking it in my Bible. Maybe I write it on a small white card so I can memorize it while I do the dishes.

Maybe you find yourself doing those same things when God’s word speaks to you in life changing ways.

However we choose to mark the moment, it is a precious thing when God speaks. His voice lovingly brings peace, correction, conviction, hope, direction and if we let Him, purification.

I’ve come to realize a beautiful pattern to the purification process.

I can sit and write in my journal all day long about how God is speaking to me. I can stand at my sink and memorize the time away.

Continue reading 10 Life Changing Phrases that Purify at Our Goodwin Journey.

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Third Culture Kids – Resources for Parenting TCKs

Third Culture Kids are incredibly special, unique and amazing.

They have their own world built from the beautiful cultures they’ve lived in, the experiences they’ve had and the people they’ve met.

Their lives are a blend of home and abroad in ways that we can’t fully understand.

By definition from Wikipedia, Third culture kids (TCKs) or third culture individuals (TCIs) are terms used to refer to children raised in a culture other than their parents’ (or the culture of the country given on the child’s passport, where they are legally considered native) for a significant part of their early development years. They are exposed to a greater variety of cultural influences.

As parents of Third Culture Kids, we have the unbelievable opportunity of seeing their precious lives unfold before us.

But with that opportunity comes the great responsibility of guiding, helping, raising and nurturing them as they grow up.

Unfortunately, the very fact that we are raising third culture kids means there is no specific parenting guide book or tool for our specific children.

We can read about TCKs, learn about their unique challenges and go to conferences across the globe.

Continue reading Third Culture Kids – Resources for Parenting TCKs at Our Goodwin Journey.

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