Jeremy & Jenilee


Elayna, Annalise, Abigail

Serving in Senegal, Africa

Account #2669562

11310 84th Ave
Allendale, MI 49401

Jeremy and Jenilee Goodwin are both ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God.
After college, they served in #kidmin for 12 years in Ohio. In 2013, God opened the door
to West Africa where Jeremy and Jenilee currently serve as AGWM missionaries.
Through relationship building, leadership training and mentoring, they assist our
national churches and pastors to build healthy children’s ministries to better reach the
next generation for Jesus! They have 3 girls who are learning life from around the world.
As a family, they love playing in the outdoors, exploring far away places, trying new
things, drinking coffee and making life adventurous and fun! You can always find them
living life overseas via instagram.

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Dear Mom on Furlough

Dear mom on furlough,

You did it. You packed up your life overseas for a short season to head back home for a few months or a year or more.

Whether you call it home assignment or furlough or itineration, you landed in your passport country. You are back where you started your missions journey.

Back with family, friends, supporters and flavored coffee creamers.

The fast food is faster, the bathrooms are cleaner and the grass looks greener than what you remembered in your “almost to furlough” dreams.

You survived a term in another land and only you really know how hard you had to work to get to where you sit right now.

You are stronger, more aware and so much deeper than you were before you left.

You are bruised, weaker and more fragile than you ever thought you’d be or know how to express.

You walk a tightrope between worlds for you, your husband and your kids.

I know. I understand the pressure you feel and the breaking points you hit each day.

The first time in the American carpool line and thinking you aren’t like these other moms.

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Overseas Life is Definitely NOT Boring

“So what brings you to Springfield?” I asked the woman in the seat next to me.

She had been playing Solitaire the entire flight and I was quite busy reading on my kindle.

We’d landed in Chicago and had a few minutes to chat while the plane made it’s way to the terminal.

“Oh, just a few days of continuing education classes. And you?” she asked.

“I was helping plan a retreat.”

Just keep it simple is my motto lately.

“A retreat?” she perked up. “I love retreats. What kind of retreat? Where will it be??”

Oh, dear. Not simple anymore.

“We were planning an online retreat.” I said.

“Online retreat? That doesn’t sound like it could be very retreat-ish.” she smiled, nodding her head as if I should completely agree with her assessment.

“Well, it actually can be quite retreat-ish,” I explained, trying to use her word.

“I don’t see how online could be a retreat. Who are you planning it for?” she pushed honestly.

Smiling back at her I decided to fully explain, “My husband and I live in West Africa.

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How Far I’ll Go

There is a dusty, dirt road near my parents’ house that is the perfect road for a good run.

The grid of roads in this area are marked out in perfect 1 mile distances, making it easy to chart a path.

My running schedule has been sporadic so each time I put on my running shoes, I have to wonder how far I’ll go.

1 mile? 2 or 3? push for 4?

I gauge how I’m feeling, how much energy I have, how invested I need to be to get another mile logged.

The dirt road calls to me and challenges me to run. Run farther. Hit the next mile.

But I still wonder how far I’ll be able to go that day, that run.

Knowing the mental and physical challenges my body will face, I set out with my headphones playing, my watch counting and my heart willing.

As I cross the busy highway and start off on the dirt road, I feel good.

Ready. Let’s do this.

The wind is behind me, the sun is shining and I’m going strong.

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Travel Journal Ideas for KIDS! With Printable Pages

As families who travel a lot, finding ways to remember the fun means finding some travel journal ideas.

Whether you homeschool on the go like we do sometimes or are going on vacation and want your kids to have a way to jot down the details and memories of their days, you need a format, a guide, a journal of sorts made just for travel.

Travel journal ideas that will spark their interest, build their creativity and give them a memorable way to keep track of each family journey.

Family travel journaling is something we’ve done on and off over the years.

Finding travel journal ideas is not always the easiest thing to do. And, making sure to have a journal on hand when you need it can also be challenging.

But it is worth it.

Kids Travel Books gives us a great reason for travel journaling and says, “The reason being, I concluded, is that when you read and write, your life is truly enriched. The more you read and write, the deeper your thoughts and the deeper your understanding of the world.

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Feeling Emotional During Transition

Feeling emotional can truly take you by surprise.

The moment you are sitting there and find yourself saying, “I don’t even know why I’m crying!”

Or, for me just yesterday, saying, “I didn’t mean to cry about this!”

Feeling emotional

It is just part of life.

It is an even bigger part of transition. Throw in multiple transitions in a few short years and you have feelings and emotions galore.

Expat, overseas, missionary life is complicated with how many feelings and emotions we can experience in a short amount of time, especially during transition.

There is a mental game that happens with going, with transition, with change.

A mental game so full of feeling emotional that there are times I don’t know how to even put into words the emotions building inside me.

Fear – This one is at the top. For me, it isn’t a “shaking in my boots” fear. It is a low, deep understanding that I have no control over what is coming. Fear of the unknown, fear of what I can’t see, fear of what we are facing…

Wonder – I sit in awe sometimes at what we are doing, how we are living, the things we see and experience.

Continue reading Feeling Emotional During Transition at Our Goodwin Journey.

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