Kendra & Randal


Travis, Caden, Samuel and Katherine

Serving in Ireland, Europe

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The journey for Randal and Kendra began in 2001 where they served as Children's Pastors in Southwest Houston. Kendra was also serving as co-director for a School of Fine Arts Team. It was on a trip with the school where God opened the doors to the next journey in Ireland. God spoke the word "home" into Randal's heart on a Mission's trip in 2006. Their family then began a journey of seeking God and His timing.

Since then, God has opened doors for the Baird Family to live in Ireland twice with the purpose of Church Planting and Supporting the National Church. They served as Missionary Associates to Limerick, Ireland where they supported many ministry areas including Life Groups, Youth, Kids, Administration and Connect.

The journey continued for the Baird Family when they returned to the states to itinerate as Career Missionaries. After a year, they landed back on Irish soil to help with church planting. They desire to see the local church encouraged and fulfilling God's purposes.

The Baird Family is excited about the journey ahead that God has already planned out.

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