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Jonathan, Joshua, Julia

Serving in Costa Rica, Latin America Caribbean

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Apartado 509-2010 Zapote
San José, Costa Rica
Central America

We have served in Costa Rica since the year 2000, and the theme of our ministry is "Raising up the next generation of men and women of God in Costa Rica to touch the world."

In daily life it looks like the following: 
1. PK ministry. We coordinate the national Assembly of God ministry to national Pastors' Kids, as well as the PK network for Latin America. 
2. Training new ministers in the Bible School. I teach in and serve as director of the national Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Costa Rica, which now has 37 locations nationwide and 1,200 students enrolled. We are currently working to finish the national training center auditorium on campus, project information below.  
3. National Youth Network. We serve as advisors to the Costa Rican National Youth Network with the Assemblies of God, and helped develop the Youth Ministry Specialization program that is training hundreds of youth ministers across Latin America. 
4. Latin American Theological Association. Jon teaches in the AG graduate education programs across Latin America and heads up the theological association that helps institutes with evaluation, accreditation, and teacher certification. 
5. Church planting on Cabecar reservation. We are currently supporting the planting of a church on the Cabecar indigenous Bajo Pacuare reservation. 

Blessings and thanks for the visit!

Jon, Jennifer, Jonathan, Joshua and Julia Dahlager

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Missionary thank-you video from Jon and Jennifer Dahlager in Costa Rica with Assemblies of God World Missions. For more information see #agmd #lacworldmissions
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Missionary thank-you video from Jon and Jennifer Dahlager in Costa Rica with Assemblies of God World Missions. For more information see #agmd #lacworldmissions
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National Training Auditorium

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As directors of the Seminary in San José we are finishing the construction of our national training auditorium, used for all of our national training events, including youth/ children/ university ministries, evangelism, church planting, missions, and pastoral training events. Remaining projects include installing sound (around $15,000), Plastering external walls ($8,000), floor finishing ($7,000), and parking lot work ($10,000).