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Elizabeth, Joshua, Rebekah

Tony and Anna serve as part of the pastoral team at Vienna Christian Center in Vienna, Austria. Founded by Assembly of God missionaries 30 years ago, VCC has grown to encompass four campuses, nine congregations and thirteen weekly services. With over ninety nationalities represented every day is a multicultural adventure. Through ministries such as feeding the homeless, reaching out to victims of human trafficking, preaching the gospel to those from sensitive countries, and raising up the next generation of Christian leaders, VCC is touching lives around the globe


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Last week a lady came forward for prayer for a friend in a coma, this week she testified her friend is out of the coma! PTL! #VCC #agmd


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The youth of Vienna arrive from various countries for a variety of reasons. Some come seeking asylum with minimal resources. In order to continue to provide camps, retreats, Bibles and other resources for our students we would like to ask you to partner with us by giving to a youth ministry that ministers to youth from all over the world.