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The Morrison’s served in Czechia for 20 years, where they worked in the areas of youth ministry, children’s ministry, leadership development, evangelism and church revitalization. They left behind numerous printed resources for pastors, curriculum for children and helped to develop training for new ministers. Their influence has helped several churches launch new campuses and send out Czech believers to unreached people groups abroad. 


In the summer of 2020, they responded to a call to transfer to Serbia. God had already been speaking to them about coming change and service in new territory. After prayer and seeking God's will, they made the difficult yet exciting choice to relocate to Serbia.


The northern region of Vojvodina is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse territories in Europe with various communities being present for hundreds of years. Most people think of Serbia in the past as being characterized by war, unrest and division. However, today is a new day with many new beginnings on many levels. The Morrisons are currently working to learn language and culture as they assist the church. There have already been exciting opportunities through bringing hope to drug addicts, helping with local church revitalization and share the love of Christ through disaster/storm relief for small rural communities. 

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  • This last month we have lost some dear financial partners. We are praying for God to bring new ones to fill the gap they left.

  • The Church Plant in Savino Selo is trying to purchase property for a church. So far everyone in town who is selling something has refused to sell to them. Please pray for the right place to open up.

  • Praise God that 5 new people were baptized in the church plant in the south. However, there is some opposition. Pray for God to remove the barriers to getting a church building and registering the church.


Church Revitalization

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The church replant in Novi Sad has doubled in size during its first year. We are in the midst of renovating the building, and then we hope to begin a cafe to reach university students in the future. The initial renovations will cost about $12,500. We are hoping to raise $2,500 of that to help meet the goal.

Church Plant - Bela Palanka

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A church plant in southern Serbia among Roma. In July they baptized another 19 people an already have more waiting to be baptized. These funds will help them purchase/ renovate their first church building.

Church Plant--Savino Selo

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Currently the church has been meeting in a garage and in a rented room in another town. This project will help them to buy and renovate their first sanctuary and meet within their community.

BGMC Serbia Children's ministry

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Our local church in Serbia has restarted it's children's ministry program after 2 small groups merged to replant a church. Much is needed to supply this new ministry with tools, equipment and resources to help it minister to children and make the multi-functional room used for Sunday school more kid friendly. Equipment needed: new computer and projector, new shelving units, children's tables and chairs, etc.