Austin & Shanda


Audrey (11), Sebastian (3)

Serving in Germany, Europe

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The Browns are Fully-appointed AGWM missionaries. Over the last 19 years, Austin and Shanda served in many different aspects of missions ministry including church planting, discipleship, college ministries, and evangelism.  Their journey began in Brussels, Belgium, and has taken them across Germany. The Browns now call southern Germany home and are excited to be a part of what God is doing in their Region. 

Austin and Shanda are celebrating 18 years of marriage.  They have 2 children:

Audrey: 11

Sebastian: 3

Germany isn’t what you might call the classic mission field. Most folks are rich and steeples can been seen literally everywhere. And yet, it’s clearly a secular nation, with an aging Christian population and a post-Christian youth. 

For the past year our focus in ministry has turned back to church and campus planting. Our city of Ulm has a population of 120,000, however, within a 30 mile radius of our city there are an additional 350,000 people. You can almost count on 2 hands the amount of Pentecostal churches in this area. Our vision is that in every city and village where there is a state church we want to see a Pentecostal Church, Campus, or Small Group planted! Our hope is to plant an additional 4 campuses in the next 5 years as we work to see our Region changed by the power of God!  

The Browns also lead the Students for Christ (Chi-Alpha) minstry in Ulm. They love to invest in the next generation and look forward to seeing the 15,00 University students in Ulm reached with the life giving message of the Gospel!

Thank you for partnering with the Browns as they help plant churches and invest in students to reach their communities and strengthen churches around Germany. 

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