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Your investment in the lives of students in Thailand is making an eternal impact.

We are the directors of the Asia Pacific Student Abroad Initiative (APSAI). Together with our fellow Assemblies of God missionaries, churches, and para-church ministries, we work to train up the next generation of missionaries and church leaders while passionately sharing the Good News children and families our Thai community.

Christ said that the opportunities for the harvest would be great, but the workers would be few, and this has never been more true than it is today in Thailand. The harvest is great...but there are so few workers. Lord, send us workers for the harvest.

We see our purpose in Thailand to be facilitators of the Word, whether working through our APSAI university students or in direct discipleship and mentoring of our Thai friends and neighbors. Our goal is to see that everyone in Thailand has an opportunity to experience the love of God and to understand His desire for them to be a part of the family of God.

Prayerfully consider joining our team, either as a prayer and financial supporter, or as a member of our ministry team in Thailand. A month, a year, or a lifetime, your presence with us in Thailand will have in eternal impact on the students you serve.


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  • Wayne will begin training a new interim director for APSAI after the New Year holiday. Pray for a successful period of training and transition so that we can turn our focus to one year of itineration starting May 15.

  • APSAI, the study abroad program that we helped to create in 2011 is now in its seventh year. Pray that many students from our USA Assemblies of God university partners will sign up to attend one of the two full-semester programs in the 2018-2019 school year, or one of two special summer sessions we will run in the summer of 2019. Wayne will be visiting AG universities across the USA in March, September, and October in an effort to recruit students.

  • We have two communities where we do weekly outreach; the Ram 42 neighborhood and the Lat Krabang public housing project. Pray that the Lord would raise up a person of peace in each community who can become the starting point for church plants in each neighborhood. Pray that new workers will rise up to carry on this ministry while we are stateside for our next itineration.

  • We will be returning to the USA in mid-May 2018 for our next itineration. We’d really like to wrap that work up by the end of the year, but we must complete it by the end of February 2019 or we will lose our visas and work permit. Pray that the Lord will guide and direct our schedule for this itineration and bless our support raising efforts so that we can quickly return to our work in Thailand.

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A year ago we began a process of designing a Christmas presentation that could bridge the "meaning" gap here in Thailand. Many Thais have an understanding of Christmas in the secular-western sense, yet they know little or nothing of Jesus. In our two major outreaches this weekend, Santa (the secular figure) and an angel from heaven (the bridge) together introduced the children and their parents to the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, and why knowing him is important to their eternal destiny.

This element of bridge building, a form of contextualization, allows us to connect the dots between what is known and understood to what is yet unknown or misunderstood. For nearly 200 children this weekend, the good news was presented to them clearly and a meaningful portion of relevant scripture in the form of a specifically Asian-themed Christmas version of the Book of Hope was also given to each child.

Please join us in praying for the children and their families, some of whom heard the gospel for the very first time. Pray that the message we presented was understood. Pray that the truth contained in the pages of their new Book of Hope will be read and comprehended. Pray that each person, young or old, will respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit from what they learned this weekend and from their Book of Hope. Pray for our Thai ministry partners who will be following up with each family. And pray for Tammy, Rebecca, and I as we prepare to dive back into weekly English outreaches in these two communities after the New Year's break.

Special thanks to OneHope and OneHope Thailand for providing the printed Book of Hope at no charge. This is an awesome worldwide ministry and one we encourage you to support them as they seek to reach every child in the world with the eternity changing Word of God.

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This three-minute video shares many images of life in predominantly Buddhist Thailand, especially focusing on the unreached region of Thailand know as Isaan. The Brown family, through their leadershiip of APSAI, send students throughout Thailand to share the good news and to inspire more to go into the ripe harvest. #Compelled2Go #MissionaryLife #Missionary #Missions #Unreached #LeastReached
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