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Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi
Bangkok 10240 THAILAND

Your investment in the lives of students in Thailand is making an eternal difference.

We are the directors of the Thailand Semester by APSAI (Asia Pacific Student Abroad Initiative). Together with our fellow Assemblies of God missionaries, churches, and para-church ministries, we work to train up the next generation of missionaries and church leaders while passionately sharing the Good News with children and families in our Thai community.

Christ said that the opportunities for the harvest would be great, but the workers would be few, and this has never been more true than it is today in Thailand. The harvest is great...but there are so few workers. Lord, send us workers for the harvest.

We see our purpose in Thailand to be facilitators of the Word, whether working through our APSAI university students or in direct discipleship and mentoring of our Thai friends and neighbors. Our goal is to see that everyone in Thailand has an opportunity to experience the love of God and to understand His desire for them to be a part of the family of God. 

Prayerfully consider joining our team, either as a prayer and financial supporter or as a member of our ministry team in Thailand. A month, a year, or a lifetime, whatever the length of service, your presence with us in Thailand will have an eternal impact on the students you serve.

We are publishing a daily prayer request on our Facebook page. Follow https://www.facebook.com/TheVitalMessage for the latest prayer needs and updates.


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  • Pray for an easy transition into our new home.

  • Pray that we will have opportunities to make many new friends in our new neighborhood.

  • Pray that we will be successful in relaunching our ministry to the children and youth at risk in our former neighborhood.

  • Pray for Tammy as she continues to recover from her recent knee replacement surgery.

  • Pray for those who support our work financially, that the Lord will provide for them so that they can continue to be a source of much needed funds for our work here in Thailand.

  • We are publishing a daily prayer request on our Facebook page. Follow https://www.facebook.com/TheVitalMessage for the latest prayer needs and updates.

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It's Wednesday morning in Bangkok and this morning I'm praying for the nearly 1,000 residents who live in the tiny ชุมชน (chumchon) just below my apartment. Most who live in these communities are working-class people, earning $500 a month or less. But more troubling than their economic poverty is their gospel poverty, as most have never heard of Jesus. Please join with me in praying for open doors and opportunities for us to serve in this community and that God will call out more workers for the harvest to work among chumchons around Bangkok and throughout Thailand.
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This three-minute video shares many images of life in predominantly Buddhist Thailand, especially focusing on the unreached region of Thailand know as Isaan. The Brown family, through their leadershiip of APSAI, send students throughout Thailand to share the good news and to inspire more to go into the ripe harvest. #Compelled2Go #MissionaryLife #Missionary #Missions #Unreached #LeastReached
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Chalongchai Church Land & Building Project

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Assisting the fellowship at Chalongchai Church to raise funds needed to purchase land and construct a facility for church services and community outreach in Bangkok Thailand.