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Your investment in the lives of students in Thailand is making an eternal impact.

We are the directors of the Asia Pacific Student Abroad Initiative (APSAI). Together with our fellow Assemblies of God missionaries, churches, and para-church ministries, we work to train up the next generation of missionaries and church leaders while passionately sharing the Good News with children and families our Thai community.

Christ said that the opportunities for the harvest would be great, but the workers would be few, and this has never been more true than it is today in Thailand. The harvest is great...but there are so few workers. Lord, send us workers for the harvest.

We see our purpose in Thailand to be facilitators of the Word, whether working through our APSAI university students or in direct discipleship and mentoring of our Thai friends and neighbors. Our goal is to see that everyone in Thailand has an opportunity to experience the love of God and to understand His desire for them to be a part of the family of God.

Prayerfully consider joining our team, either as a prayer and financial supporter, or as a member of our ministry team in Thailand. A month, a year, or a lifetime, whatever the length of service, your presence with us in Thailand will have in eternal impact on the students you serve.


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  • Pray for us as we transition from Thailand to the USA for our upcoming itineration. Our schedule calls for us to successfully conclude this itineration year by July 31, 2019. With God's help and the generous support of our friends back in the USA we know we can reach this target fully funded.

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The Brown Family
Spring 2018 Update

The Vital Message, Year 14, Number 1


No, not the football or basketball kind of homecoming. Right now, homecoming for our family means the end of a four-year term in Thailand and the beginning of what we hope is a brief season of reconnecting with our family and friends in the USA. We will be arriving in Florida in mid-May, just in time to attend our district council meetings. After that, we have a few weeks to deal with Rebecca's legal and insurance issues, then we are off to Springfield, MO, for a couple of weeks of meetings at our ministry headquarters. We will rush back to Florida as soon as those meetings are complete to begin what we hope will be a short itineration season. We do have a 34% budget increase this term, mostly due to loss of support over the past 14 years, so we will need to move quickly to reestablish our finances. But we are not worried, because we know that God has called us to this work and He will call others to partner with us in the work.

Finishing Strong!

While part of our attention is on our upcoming return to the USA, our primary focus continues to be on our study abroad program and our three major community outreaches. Last year we launched a brand new "Let's Talk" outreach in a public housing community near Bangkok's international airport. Tammy and our APSAI students focused on serving the children of the community while Wayne focused on helping the youth and adults. Together, we were able to serve more than 120 families over the past eight months. And, we've begun to see the emergence of persons of peace, people who want to know more about our faith and our hope, in this community. Pray for these children, youth, and families, and pray specifically for Romyen Church as they undertake the task of planting a new church in this unchurched neighborhood.

Ram 42 has been our home for the past seven years and is the location of our neighborhood "English Station" outreach. Over the years we've seen dozens of children visit English Station, but we've been blessed to have a core group of students who've stayed with us each semester. One of our great joys is being able to connect our study abroad students with the children we serve right here in our own neighborhood. This semester, we are blessed to have Cortney, from North Central University. She has been a true blessing to our ministry and to our family.

Our longest running outreach over the past seven years has been at the Sataban Saeng Sawang Foundation school, a school for special needs children. Volunteering here has given Tammy and our study abroad students the opportunity to connect deeply with the school’s students and staff.
It is through these connections that Tammy has been able to share about her faith in God and to function in her spiritual gifts of prayer for healing. Tammy has been invited to pray for school staff and administration when they have faced extreme difficulties in their life. And the results have been supernatural with miraculous signs and wonders. There is a growing desire among those with whom Tammy serves to know more about our God and the peace and faith we have through Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
- James 5:16(b) KJV
Did you know that everything we do here in Thailand is only possible because of you. As missionaries serving among the least reached peoples of the Buddhist and Muslim world, we depend on your dailyprayers and monthly financial support. Both are critical to our ability to continue in our ministry. Please join with us in prayer over the following critical areas:
1.    APSAI, the study abroad program that we helped to create in 2011, is now in its seventh year. Pray that many students from USA Assemblies of God universities will sign up to attend one of the two full-semester programs in the 2018-2019 school year, or the special summer session in the summer of 2019.
2.    We have two communities where we do weekly outreach; the Ram 42 neighborhood and the Lat Krabang public housing project. Pray that the Lord would raise up a person of peace in each community who can become the starting point for church plants in each neighborhood. Pray that new workers will rise up to carry on this ministry while we are stateside for itineration. 
3.     Pray for the leaders and staff at the Sataban Saeng Sawang Foundation school. Many of them are wrestling with serious personal needs and some have openly approached Tammy to say that they are following her lead and praying to our God in Jesus' name. Pray that their prayers will be answered and that the Holy Spirit will guide them to the truth of ultimate salvation. 
4.     Pray for us as we transition from Thailand to the USA for our upcoming itineration. Our schedule calls for us to successfully conclude this itineration year by July 31, 2019; however, in order to maintain our visas and work permit, we really need to be back in Thailand by March 31, 2019. This is a difficult target, but with God's help and the generous support of our friends back in the USA we believe we can reach that earlier target.
5.     We need to quickly find suitable housing and transportation once we arrive in the USA. Pray that the Lord will guide us and that we will be aware of the opportunities He is guiding us to so that these needs can be met. If you know of a modern and affordable wheelchair accessible vehicle that might fit our needs, please contact us. If you know of a good, affordable, single-story home in central Florida that would be suitable for us, please let us know. The home does not need to be wheelchair accessible.

As Assemblies of God missionaries, we are dependent on prayer and financial support from individuals, families, businesses, and churches. We work in partnership with our donors back in the USA and the family of believers here in Thailand to spread the gospel throughout this country. When you support our work with a financial gift, you become part of our ministry team, reaching the unreached with the good news, bringing light into spiritually dark places, true hope to those who've never heard about Jesus.
You can make a donation to our ministry as well as setup a recurring monthly donation and faith promise on our donor management page at http://give.thevitalmessage.org/. On the donor website, click on “Give Now” to make a one-time donation or “Set up New Recurring Schedule” to setup a faith promise and an automatic monthly contribution.

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Three years ago today, I had the opportunity to join with other missionaries in the Bangkok area as we ministered near the village of Muak Lek, in central Thailand. We work with the same pastors who Tammy and other missionary friends are working with this weekend in southern Thailand. We love this family and their heart for reaching Thailand with the good news. #agmd #MissionaryLife

Preparing for our last Christmas outreach of the year, this time at our home church, Chalongchai Church, in Saphan Sung Thailand. #agmd #APSAIlife #MissionaryLife

One of our regular community outreach opportunities is with Chalongchai Church in the Saphan Sung, Thailand. Every semester we have an opportunity to introduce our American university students to the children and youth of the KC7 community, teaching English and good moral character. #agmd #APSAILife

Some of the best food in the world is just a one minute walk from my house. I love living in Thailand. :) #agmd #MissionaryLife #APSAIlife

Seven years ago I was able to experience one of my greatest coffee delights, enjoying real Colombian coffee in the nation of Colombia. Thank You Ricardo for inviting me to be a part of that trip. #agmd #OneHope

Dr. Leroy Cloud, assisted by Dr. Maliwan Ditjaroen, is preaching the Word this Sunday morning at Chalongchai Church in Saphan Sung Thailand. ?? #agmd

Throwback 4 years ago: Love hanging out with the youth of the Chalongchai Church community. #agmd #MissionaryLife #Compelled2Tell

Look what the Lord has done... Yes, Tammy is already home. Truly amazing! #agmd

Phase four of Rebecca's 24th birthday is complete. She loves opening gifts! #agmd

He's having to cut the hinge off of the wheelchair lift on our Speed the Light van. This might take longer than expected. #agmd

Eleven years ago, Rebecca was hanging out with the MKs while Tammy and I were in training. Today, she's doing it all over again, but this time, in Thailand, not Springfield. Praise the Lord for the awesome programs available to our children. #agmd

In honor of the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games, let's pray that all the athletes will discover the way to the eternal prize as they pursue the gold, silver, and bronze prizes of these Olympic Games. #agmd

We are honored to be the featured missionaries this week on the Victory Church, Lakeland, FL, prayer journal. We so appreciate the prayers of the faithful back home as we serve here in Thailand. #agmd #Compelled2Go

Ten years ago today, during my first-ever trip to Thailand, I was privileged to facilitate discussion about using media to share the Gospel with children and youth here in Southeast Asia. Out of those meetings we produced a Southeast Asian version of The GodMan movie. It was then that God began speaking to my heart in a way that eventually brought us to live and serve in Thailand. #agmd #Compelled2Go

While the monsoon season may be highly inconvenient, it does bring out some beautiful results. #agmd #ThisIsThailand

"...weep with those who weep." - Romans 12:15 Modern English Version (MEV) Please join us in praying for the people of Thailand. King Bhumibol Adulyadej died this afternoon. He was 88 years old and served as King of Thailand for 70 years. Please pray for Thailand, for the people of this beautiful nation, as they mourn deeply the loss of the father of this nation. #PrayForThailand #agmd

My home for the next eight hours. Time to master this test. #agmd

Worshipping the Lord this evening at the Word Missions Summit in Houston, Texas. #TWMS4 #sent #agmd #Compelled2Go

Another awesome lunch here in Sakon Nakhon. Thanks to Keith and Sarah for showing us the town today. #agmd

Beautiful day for a ride in the park for me and at least 10,000 other visitors today. I think I'll try again in the early morning when I don't have to dodge so many people. #agmd

Good morning, Isaan! The sun is rising on a beautiful Sunday morning in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. We're heading out shortly to minister in a local gathering of Christ-followers. #agmd #Compelled2Tell

Awesome day of worship and preaching the Word at International Fellowship in Udon Thani. #agmd #Compelled2Tell #PreachTheWord

Having an awesome time of sharing about our work in Thailand and studying the Word tonight at First Assembly of God in Fort Myers, Florida. #WednesdayEvening #Itineration #missions #missionary #agmd

Worshipping the Lord this morning at First Assembly of God in Keystone Heights Florida. #SundayMorning #Church #missions #missionary #MissionaryLife #agmd

If you have to fly, there's really no better place to fly from than Tampa International Airport and no better airline to fly with than Delta Airlines. I'm on my way to Houston for a full day of meetings tomorrow. Looking forward to being back in Florida on Wednesday for a service with Josh Johns and his church family in Jacksonville. I love representing Thailand and the entire Asia-Pacific region to our fellowship here the USA. #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd

Recently, I posted about the aspect of itineration that is most rewarding to me, building quality relationships with pastors and church members. Today, let me share what is most difficult. Sometimes, in order to accomplish the goal of raising our budget, our family must depart for different destinations at the same time. This separation means that we will be an incomplete missionary unit as we share at our respective churches. We're trying our best to avoid that situation over this next year; however, with the lack of Sunday night opportunities to speak, and our ever increasing budget, there will be times when we must be in two places at one time...each an incomplete party to the task of itineration. #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd

Looks like I'll be traveling solo on Sunday as Rebecca is still very sick. I have the blessing of visiting two of our longest running supporting churches, each having invested in us for more than a dozen years. It is truly an honor to stand before these congregations and express my heartfelt thanks for their faithfulness to our ministry and to the task of reaching those in Thailand who have never been reached. #MissionaryLIfe #itineration #agmd

Awesome time of worship and Word this morning at Calvary Assembly of God in Orange Park, Florida. Thank you, Pastor Greg, for allowing me the honor of speaking to your church family this morning. #SundayMorning #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd

Perhaps the most beautiful missions table I've ever seen. I'm all set up and ready to go here at Evangel Temple Assembly of God in Jacksonville Florida. Looking forward to an awesome night of sharing about the opportunities and needs in Thailand. #SundayEvening #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd

Tonight, I have the great honor of sharing the Word and an update on our ministry in Thailand with the wonderful folks at New Hope Assembly of God in Jacksonville Florida. #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd

I'm about 30 minutes away from cranking up the old Honda CRV and cruising up to Yulee FL, just south of the Florida-Georgia Line. I have the great honor of speaking this morning at Celebration Assembly of God. Sunday School starts at 10 and the worship service starts at 11. Please join me if you are in the area. #MissionaryLife #itineration #agmd

Good morning Florida! What a beautiful morning for a drive to Jacksonville. #SundayMorning #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd

Setup and ready to share the Word and the good report of what God is doing in Thailand with the church family at Celebration Assembly of God in Yulee Florida. #SundayMorning #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd

Worshipping the Lord this morning at Celebration Assembly of God in Yulee Florida. #SundayMorning #MissionaryLife #missions #itineration #agmd


This three-minute video shares many images of life in predominantly Buddhist Thailand, especially focusing on the unreached region of Thailand know as Isaan. The Brown family, through their leadershiip of APSAI, send students throughout Thailand to share the good news and to inspire more to go into the ripe harvest. #Compelled2Go #MissionaryLife #Missionary #Missions #Unreached #LeastReached
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