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Serving in Scotland, Europe

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 We love Scotland!

We bless God everyday for giving us the opportunity to come and minister here.  We often say, when visiting churches, that we want to be the right people, at the right place, at the right time in the Kingdom.  This has never been more evident then this past year and a bit here in the Highlands.  The restrictions and quarantine surrounding COVID has caused a lot of frustration here as in other placed.  BUT GOD...two of our favourite words.

God has inspired us for video teachings ALL of which tell people how much Jesus loves them.  We have learned a great deal about video editing.  Check us out on Enlightening Kidz on YouTube.

God has challenged us when we were discouraged at the beginning of 2021 and thinking of chucking it all in.  God asked us if we were looking for easy or if we were looking for Him.  The answer is always: We are looking for Him.

God has loved us through all of it.  And through His love for us He has given us a deeper love for those around us.  We have plans for family outreaches, in person ministry with the kids, and contacting schools in the area to name just a few.

Thank you for giving, for praying and for sending us.


Mike and Tina





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