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Daniel and Beatriz Klaehn, with Mia (11 yrs) and James (8 yrs), were evacuated in June from Nicaragua with all AGWM personnel due to civil unrest in the country. The Klaehns will temporarily be living in Dayton, OH, until things settle down and the country is deemed "safe enough" to return. Please pray for the peace of Nicaragua, that the violence would end and that things would get back to normal. Pray, also, for the Klaehns, as they monitor the situation and prepare to return to the country soon, hopefully in early 2019. As they are in the U.S. the Klaehns will be traveling and itinerating in our various churches until they can return to their ministry at the Bible school.

The Klaehns serve the churches in Nicaragua in the preparation and formation of their young Ministers, Missionaries and Christian Workers in the Lord's harvest.

Daniel serves as the director of the Central Bible Institute in Managua, a position he's held since January 2011. He has served as a teacher of the Bible Institute since 2006, yet he still finds his greatest joy in being in the classroom with the students, pouring into them what the Lord has poured into him. Daniel's desire is to see young lives established and formed in the ancient Christian faith as well as ministry.  In addition, Daniel serves the pastors of the Nicaraguan and helps them remain strong in their faith and current in their understanding of the doctrine of God.

Beatriz, along with serving her family on the domestically, does much with the Bible school administration.  Her love for the students and the Bible school has earned her the title "Mom" among many. In addition, Beatriz teaches Missions classes and Spanish Grammar each quarter and is eager to promote the Lord's calling and work throughout the world.

"Team Klaehn" has chosen a life of servant leadership and ministry in Nicaragua as they teach and lead young lives in the Lord.  Their motto is "The Towel before the Crown," as they practice "service" over "being served." Thank you for praying and joining hands with Team Klaehn in their work in Nicaragua.

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