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Daniel and Beatriz Klaehn, with Mia (12 yrs) and James (10 yrs), returned to Nicaragua in 2019 after a six-month evacuation due to civil unrest. Although they returned to a more "peaceful" Nicaragua, they note that this peace is a truly fragile one, much of it being forced by the powers of will and government. Please pray for Nicaragua, that a true peace, the kind given only by the Prince of Peace, would sweep the country in a sovereign move of God's mercy and grace.

The Klaehns serve the churches of Nicaragua in the preparation and formation of their young Ministers, Missionaries and Christian Workers in the Lord's harvest.

Daniel and Beatriz serve as directors of the Central Bible Institute in Managua, a position they have held since January 2011. Daniel began his time in Nicaragua as a teacher at the Bible Institute in 2006 and though he nows directs the school along with Beatriz, he still finds his greatest joy being in the classroom with the students on a daily basis. Daniel's desire is to see young lives established, formed, and transformed by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God in the timeless Christian Faith.

Beatriz, along with serving much of the needs of Mia and James, has taken a lot of the Bible school administration under her care. Her work with the students and her love has earned her much respect among both the other teachers and the students. Beatriz teaches Missions classes each quarter, Communication and Grammar classes, and is eager to promote the Lord's calling and work throughout the world.

The Klaehns' motto is "The Towel before the Crown," as they practice "service" over "being served," Matthew 20:25-28, Philippians 2:5-11.

Thank you for praying and joining hands with the Klaehns in their work in Nicaragua.

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