“Making Disciples Who Make Disciples” 

2 Timothy 2:2




The People and Need

Ecuador is a beautiful country of about 17 million people, of which only a very small percentage have experienced new birth through Christ. Over the last several years we have seen promising signs that the Word of God is advancing in this traditionally gospel-resistant land. But there is also great opposition. Ecuador has experienced serious political upheaval and this turmoil has complicated the church’s capacity to train the next generation of ministers. 

Leadership in Crisis and the Church in Jeopardy

Drastic reforms by Ecuador’s Ministry of Education have left the country with only one accredited Bible college that can legally issue degrees. All other evangelical schools have been stripped of their credentials, leaving leadership intimidated and students frustrated. This has created a crisis for those who feel called to the ministry. Pastors and leaders everywhere are left with few, and in some cases, no available option to pursue their calling. Training is essential for reproducing healthy leaders and churches, and indeed the church cannot sustain itself without a properly trained ministry. The gains the gospel has made are being jeopardized as the next generation of Ecuadorian teachers, pastors, and missionaries struggle to find a solution to this crisis.

The Way Forward

The only way forward is to strengthen the one remaining school, the Instituto Superior for Pastoral Ministry in Guayaquil.





The Missionaries

David and Patti have served over 15 years in Latin America as AGWM missionaries. Though we have traveled and taught in Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Peru, Spain, and other countries, our overwhelming focus has been upon Ecuador. After founding a Bible institute in the city of Cuenca, we moved to Ecuador’s largest city of Guayaquil. We labored in the seminary there and David received his Ph.D. in New Testament studies. We transitioned to the United States where David pastored and taught for a number of years in schools such as the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Northwest University. Yet we remained deeply connected with the ministry in Ecuador.

The Opportunity

God has opened an incredible door of opportunity for us to return to the land of our calling and help resolve the crisis in ministerial formation and discipleship through David’s new role as the Dean of Ministry Formation of the Institute.


We believe the future of the church lies it its ability to make disciples that in turn make more disciples.




The Vision

Our vision is to lead the school forward in a difficult political climate, but an even more challenging spiritual one, so that it fulfills its fundamental role in equipping, shaping, and launching future church planters, pastors, and leaders who can thrive and multiply in the most trying of conditions.

The Mission 

Our mission is to train a fully indigenous national force of teachers, pastors, and missionaries to effectively lead and multiply the church within and beyond the borders of Ecuador.

The Strategy

We will do this by providing students with a high impact education lead by skilled teacher-practitioners who integrate mentorship, discipleship, networking, and hands-on ministry emersion that centers in the transmission of apostolic DNA.




We feel strongly that God has brought us through many experiences and trials to prepare us for this challenge and for this work. Our particular ministry journey and accumulated skills in the areas of education, ministry training, and mobilization has led us to this new position for “such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14). 


Thank you for your prayers and support.

Please pray with us as we step into this new ministry assignment "for such a time as this."     

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