Josh & Angela


Ezra, Eva, Abram, Aleah, and Asher

Serving in Netherlands, Europe

Josh and Angela have been married for 23 years and have five missionaries in training. Ezra 18, Eva 16, Abram 15, Aleah 12, and Asher 10.

In 2015 as we thought we were settling in on life in Ames, Iowa, God challenged us in a big way to follow His call.  As we began to take the next step, God led us to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

 Europe is now the dark continent. People in the Netherlands have all of their physical needs met but they are spiritually dead in the very place that was once a haven for religious refugees, the Pilgrims.  Rotterdam itself is 60% International with people groups from countries closed to the good news of Jesus, people groups who are reachable with a common social connector---the English language. 

We have been serving in Rotterdam for 6 years.  We first assisted in starting an English speaking, International service within an existing Dutch church.  We began Students for Christ Rotterdam in November of 2017.  We have been blessed by the number of students who are passionate to know Jesus and make disciples in Rotterdam.  We have weekly worship evenings along with small groups.  We also do outreach on the campus of Erasmus University.  You can see more of what we do at  

September 26, 2021 Gateway City Church was started in our living room.  We've now outgrown our living room and have weekly gatherings and small groups where we grow spiritually though encouraging emotional health and true community.  We know God has a plan for Rotterdam which is known as the Gateway to Europe.  Our big vision is to have several congregations under one roof all ministering in their heart language.  Please pray with us as we search for a building for Gateway City Church.

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