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Ishum (Tech) and Megan met in July 2014 while each was serving independently in the country of Venezuela. As the Lord led them, they were married in February of 2016. They began their new lives as newlyweds in Springfield, MO where they focused on building a solid family foundation before returning to the field or to full-time ministry. During this time, they were blessed to become parents to their daughter, Serenity. As Tech served as the Media Director in their local church, they began to feel a stirring in their hearts. As the Lord had led before, He would again lead them into a new season. 

Tech and Megan are excited to work and minister in the northern Ecuador region. They will be working with the Afro-Ecuadorian population located in the Chota Valley. An unreached people group, the Chota Valley community has been largely forgotten by society. The Carpenters feel a burden to meet not only the social needs of this community, but also the deep spiritual need for Jesus. As they build relationships within the Chota Valley, they will also be working closely with the local missionary team to help disciple and train new Ecuadorian ministers so that they too can fulfill the call of God on their lives.

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Tech shares a word from 3rd John to encourage and challenge the church .
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Megan has a timely message for the Church about the abundance of Christ.
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Megan speaking at New Hope Church of God in Bolivar, MO
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Megan speaking at King's Chapel in Springfield, MO
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