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We are David and Kelly Godzwa. Since 2006, we and our children, Rebekah, Joseph and Jonathan have lived in Mérida, México, working to fulfill a vision of the Yucatan Peninsula full of churches, diverse in class, status, education, and language, but united in their love for the Lord and one another. We’ve been extremely blessed to have seen the fruits of our labors: local churches mobilized, new ministers trained and new churches planted. Still, as we strive to keep in step with the Spirit we find ourselves…

Hearing and responding to the Lord’s call to go beyond

The familiar places, relationships, and experiences to embrace a larger vision, the accustomed roles and responsibilities to accept a larger sphere of influence, and the dependence on our own abilities to a place where radical faith is required.  As of July 1, 2019, we accept the appointment of the Executive Committee of the Assemblies of God World Missions as Mexico Area Directors. In accepting this position, we have the privilege of collaborating, not only with the national leadership of the Assemblies of God in Mexico but also coordinating the ministry of the 24 missionary units serving in-country to make real strides in fulfilling a vision of a Mexico redeemed. 

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