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We have been in missions since 2004. Our first 14 years were spent living and ministering in Ireland. While there we planted university ministry, Students for Christ, and helped to lead a local church, Abundant Life Christian Church in Limerick. We also worked with the national movement as a part of both their National Committee and chairing the Credentialling Committee for the Assemblies of God Ireland. Recently our visas were denied and we have felt God leading us to another area of the world, the North Atlantic/Canada. So we are part of the first group of missionaries that AGWM has ever sent to this area of the world. Though we are heading to a new home, our hearts have not changed. We still desire that Jesus would be made real through our lives and ministry. Rather than a religious duty to be performed, a relationship with Jesus would be cultivated.  Our ministry will continue to be with university students as we partner with SERVE Campus, the PAOC Campus ministry of Canada. We will be based in Ottawa, Canada's National capital and launch from there, through the planting of new student ministry groups. We also plan to be working with a local church to see God raise up more leaders and effective disciplers across the nation.

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Have you ever found yourself in a line like this picture? Stuck behind a slow moving vehicle.  For the last while we have lived in an area where farms are abundant. That means that farm equipment is also abundant. And let me just say this post isn't a complaint against farmers or tractors or anything like that. Far from it.

Maybe you have seen one of those windmill blades going down the road or have followed one of them with no way around. What I am asking is can you relate to the feeling of being behind a slow moving vehicle and having no ablility to do anything about it? It's a part of life where I live and, for the most part, I deal with it as it comes. However, there are those days when I'm in a hurry and I just don't have the time to be going slowly down the road. I need to pass and get on my way! Thankfully, we also live in an area where the roads are straight and there's not much in the way of trees, so passing is a possibility! :)

As most of you know, we have been in a holding pattern for some time now. In truth, our levels of patience have gone up and down depending on the day. If I'm honest, that's probably more about my levels of patience than Lori's. She is gifted with patience. I'm not. Yet we have learned to wait on God's timing. Consider this. When Jesus came to earth, it didn't just happen on a whim. Galatians 4:4 says, "But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman, subject to the law." (NLT) In the KJV they use the phrase "fullness of time," and "appropriate time" in the NET. Jesus came when it was the right time for Him to come. You see, I tend to struggle with that idea. I want things to happen when I want them to happen. I have a plan and a time table and things should go according to that time table and that plan. But God isn't bound by my plans, my time table.

Have you ever felt that way? You have a plan but things have not gone according to your time frame. Then how are things internally? How do you react to that situation? Do you get upset? Grumpy? Impatient? I know in my own heart, God has had to deal with me a few times to rub off some of those things that shouldn't have a home in my life, but to my surprise, have had one. I'm not saying I'm perfect now; far from it. But through this experience I've seen God expose my heart and shine His light into areas that needed it.

Why do we go through those times? I believe it's so we learn to trust Him for "the right time" or "the appropriate time" for things to take place in our lives. That's what He has done in me, at least. In fact, recently we heard from the Maritime District that their paper work is almost completed on our visas. They told us to start packing! :) It looks like by the first week of March we will heading out to our new home! From following that slow moving vehicle to full speed ahead in a matter of a short Zoom meeting! You see God is always at work. Even when we don't see Him working, as the worship song says, He still is! 

So, today can I encourage you to press into waiting on God and His timing. He is faithful. He never abandones us or forgets about us, but sometimes we feel as if He has. He hasn't. The truth is He has never failed and He won't start now. I leave you with a link to a YouTube Video of a song called He Won't Fail by Maverick City Music. Hope it encourages you. 

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In Ireland, when we would have a race, even for kids racing around the green, you would often hear race organizers say these three words: Ready, Steady, Go! In America we tend to hear Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Anymore, when I think of starting a race I tend to think Ready, Steady, Go! It's one of the hazards of living in another culture. You start living in another culture, speaking as they speak, and your thinking starts to change. For us the Ready, STEADY, Go, has become a way of thinking. The Ready and the Go are the same for here and Ireland but the Steady or Get Set piece has been altered. It is that change in thinking that has been of use to us during this time of waiting. We have had to remind ourselves that getting Ready is only a piece of the puzzle. Just as important is the Steady piece. Holding steady, ready to go but unable to do so, and yet holding things in place so when the opportunity comes to be able to launch at a moments notice. That has been our reality the last couple of years. Knowing without a doubt that God has a calling upon our lives and yet also knowing that the door to Ireland had closed tightly! 

I don't know what to say other than we have felt like we were in limbo. Then as things have started to develop, change was evident, and doors began to open for our new field, COVID happened. It was unexpected and though we were Ready, we defintely heard the Race Organizer say, STEADY! We were put into a holding pattern, so to speak. While we were longing to get to our new field, we were unable to leave. So we have waited. Honestly I can say, it has been one of the hardest things I have done in my life, to just wait. All the while, we've heard His voice letting us know that He has this all planned out and that He was still, in spite of circumstances and situations, in control. So we have waited.

Just recently we have had another conversation with the leadership up north! And we are beginning to hear GO!  And the good news is we are now beginning our visa application work. We are also talking to the local leadership about getting up there in September at some point. So we have gone from waiting to full speed ahead. Currently we are working on getting our girls ready to head back to college and we are starting to think about packing and shipping the few things we have here up to the Maritimes! Then we have to figure out getting our things from Ireland. So I thought I would give everyone a few prayer requests. Please pray for the following. 

1. Pray for us to figure out all the logistics for our upcoming move.

a. Finding a new home in Halifax, NS

b. Getting our stuff shipped from Ireland

c. Getting a car once we arrive in NS

d. Securing our visas to live there

2. Pray for favour with the pastors and students that we will be meeting this Autumn. Also, pray for strategic relationships and insights as we once again pioneer campus ministry for the Maritime Provinces.

3. Pray for wisdom & understanding in learning a new culture and a new language (French).

4. Pray for our younger two as they transition back to college.

a. Also pray specifically for our middle daughter, who struggles with OCD and anxiety. This last year she had to drop out of school because it all became too much for her. Pray for a healing touch in her mind and emotions and that she will recover to a point where she can go back to university this Autumn

5. Pray for our oldest as she launches out into ministry. She is taking the children’s ministry position at a church plant in Jamestown, ND. Pray for her to settle in well and make the transition successfully. 

6. Lastly, pray for the final bits of our budget to come it. We are officially done with itineration but still need the last few hundred in pledges.


Thank you all for praying and stay tuned for more updates! Ready, Steady, GO!

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University Ministry to the North Atlantic/Canada

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As we pioneer university ministry on new campuses, we are going to be working to establish a presence on or near each campus. This will be facilitated by renting facilities and setting up premises for that purpose. We will be reaching university students all across Canada through outreaches of various types.