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We have been living and ministering in Ireland since 2005.  Our heart is that Jesus would be real once again in Ireland.  Rather than a religious duty to be performed, a relationship with Jesus would be cultivated.  Our ministry has been to students through the planting of Students for Christ and working with Abundant Life Christian Church in Limerick.  We also work with the Assemblies of God Ireland as part of the National Committee. Lastly we work as part of the AGWM leadership team for Northwestern Europe.

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 As many of you reading this, I’ve got siblings. During our time here in the States, it’s been wonderful to spend some time with them. Even though it has been difficult to deal with the death of my Mom, being with my siblings has been such a blessing. Throughout this time, I’ve been back and forth to where my Mom was and in doing so have stayed both with my siblings and with my Mom. It was hard watching my Mom die. I was so glad that I was there with her and could aid my siblings in her passing. That somehow, I could offer some help to my siblings who have had to deal with this whole process without me. My sister has taken the brunt of the responsibility with my brother also having a lot demanded. So, I was glad to be here and help where I could.

None-the-less, it was hard. Within my heart were ambivalent feelings, warring with each other. I was delighted to be around to be with my Mom during her final time on earth. Yet I struggled to watch my Mom’s struggle against cancer. I loved being able to offer help to my siblings caring for Mom and Dan, her hubby. Yet I felt so helpless and confused as I saw Mom wasting away despite earnest prayers. I spent many days at their little apartment, making meals, cleaning, chatting about days gone by, and many nights sleeping on an air mattress, up and down helping Mom back and forth to the bathroom, making sure she didn’t fall.

During this time, I would often drive by a new sports complex that was being built. It is a huge facility including outside fields for sports and a track. But during my time there it was an eye sore! So much digging and dirt and rocks. Nothing looked good or inviting. One specific weekend as my sister and I were driving past this ugly construction site, she commented on how ugly it was but then laughed and mentioned that when her youngest had flown in for a visit, she had commented what a beautiful place that sports complex was going to be. It seems as she was flying in, she looked down and saw this new sports complex, including outdoor fields and tracks, that wasn’t there when she was growing up. She stated how impressive it was. What a different point of view! As my sister & I drove by it was just chaos, a complete mess.

That’s when I heard God’s voice speaking. During that time, in fact the whole of the past two years, our lives seem to have been a mess, but God somehow sees beauty. He’s in charge and we’re going exactly where He has us going. It seems a mess right now, but God is orchestrating great things! We just have to be patient and wait on Him. It will take a while but eventually we will see the beauty as well. What makes the difference? Besides the fact that I’m not God! 😊 The difference is perspective (it’s amazing the difference perspective makes). God sees the end and the beginning and the middle all at the same time. He’s not limited to any one moment in time. I’m not saying He’s not interested in our moments in time. Rather that He isn’t restricted by them. Which means He isn’t put off by things being a mess at times because He knows the outcome. His perspective is long reaching and everlasting.

On the other hand, I am very limited. I can only be in one place at one time. Nothing more. Nothing less. And that means my perspective sees very little of my reality. I can only experience one moment at a time. I can’t jump around. I just have to keep going forward! But God hasn’t left me without recourse. Paul reminds the Romans that each one of us has been given a “measure of faith.” God knows what we need and what will and is going to happen to each of us. So, He has equipped us with faith. And not just any faith but a faith grounded in Him, the long reaching, everlasting God. The One who sees the beginning and the ending and everything in between. If I can just get ahold of that, it will change my perspective. Even though I can’t see the end yet, I know I can trust the One who does.

So, do you need a bit of perspective today? In spite of what is happening presently in your life, He is more than able to meet you where you are and will walk through it with you. That’s what He is doing for us. We’re not through the mess yet but we’re not alone. And His perspective changes everything!

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This is the University Ministry we have planted in Ireland. We are reaching university students all across the island through various groups working in different colleges.