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We are the Martins4Africa. God called us in 2007 to "Go and Make Disciples." We served two years as Missionary Associates in East Africa, and during that time we felt God calling us to "Commit" to a lifetime. So here we are All In, Fully Committed to sharing the gospel with Unreached People Groups.  Our desire is to plant the church where there is no church. 


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The work of the ministry is 24/7.  We are looking for partners who will commit to pray. There are 2 ways you can get our prayer requests.

1. Scroll down and you will see our prayer needs listed right here on our webpage.

2. Get realtime notifications on your smart device by downloading our AGMD missionary app.  Be sure to "Allow Notifications" if you smart device prompts you too. Once downloaded, seach Joe Martin and then click the blue follow button.  There are 5 navigation icons at the top of the page.  Prayer requests are displayed by clicking the last icon on the right. 

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We are asking for people to join our financial support team. You can give online using our giving link below or by mail.  Checks can be made out to AGWM.  Be sure to add our account#2954964 to the memo line.  AGWM's mailing address is 1445 N Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802

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Our family is so excited for the opportunity to Go and Make Disciples.  Is God calling you too?



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  • Pray for our extended family please! Often so much attention is on our journey that their sacrifice can unnoticed. In the coming years there will be 4 empty seats at each gathering. There will hugs that are needed but can’t be given. There will be milestones missed. Technology helps to reduce the distance but there is still a great price our loved ones pay in this journey we take. When you gather with your loved ones, would you think of ours and say an extra prayer for them.

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Giving Tuesday

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Let’s be Real: Holidays can be some of the hardest times for a family living abroad. We had on first holiday in Africa yesterday. This is a very real reality of our life now. When we said yes to the call, there were real sacrifices that knew we were making. However I find it quite fitting that our first holiday here was Thanksgiving. A day where we stop to celebrate all we are thankful for, and we did just that yesterday. We are thankful that God has brought us to Africa s...afe and sound. We are thankful to have joined an amazing team here that approaches team as a family! We are thankful that our kids are happy and settled, that our home feels like home, that God has already started opening doors for ministry, that slowly but surely His vision for us is coming into focus. We are thankful for Technology that Worked yesterday. That we got to see our family in America, that we laughed together and saw the nieces and nephews play together. I am thankful that my youngest newphew saw me in the screen and said “Cyndi”(it brought tears to my eyes). We are thankful for the fact that our Father in Heaven loves us and knows us. He is knows our joys and our struggles and He is cares us always. Yesterday was an amazing day with both African family and American and we are Truly Thankful! #letsbereal

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Prayers needed: This is our good friend and she is in need of our prayers. She is currently in the hospital battling Covid. Please join us in praying for Tracie to receive total healing.

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Pastor Joe Martin preached today on “Disciples Making Disciples.

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