Kevin & Moriah


Serving in Cameroon, Africa

We are.

Kevin and Moriah Thompson appointed to serve in Cameroon, Central Africa. The Spirit of God has ushered us out of darkness and into His embrace through the work of pastors, Teen & Adult Challenge, godly relatives, rehabilitation counselors, and discipleship. The greatest testament of His work in our lives is the call to go and carry that living water into others' lives. 

The vision.

We will be partnering with the people of God by implementing a practice of disciplship. Every child of Christ grows through discipleship just as we have, and still are!

In each of our lives there where instances in which we were ready for God but had a difficult time knowing where to start. We had a difficult time understanding the bible. We weren't yet baptized in the Spirit of God. One of God's greatest tools in our early Christin life were people that stayed by our side and pointed us to Jesus. They encouarged us to keep intently seeking. They explained things to us.

God has called us to honor him with our riches. That is what we do. Honor him with our richness of life and life eternal. 


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