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Kevin and Moriah Thompson appointed to serve in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. The Spirit of God has ushered us out of darkness and into His embrace! Thanks to pastors, Teen & Adult Challenge, godly relatives, rehabilitation counselors, and discipleship in the church. The greatest proof of His work in our lives is this passion to bring the Gospel to others. 

The vision.

We are working towards a healthy and vibrant church within walking distance of every African!



We partner with the local church to build churches.

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A cool retelling of one of the many encounters Jesus had with people after he rose from the dead.
Yes, Jesus is the only man to predict his death and receive life after being dead. 
This is a major point of Christianity. 
Jesus has overcome death, which no other has. 

With power over life and death. Is there any other who can compete with Jesus?

This is why followers of Jesus can face harsh persecution. You may have also noticed a peaceful disposition in precarious times. 
True followers believe whether they live or die Jesus has given them power over death. 
Yes, every true follower of Jesus has eternal life. 
Our body and heart will not last forever but God is our solid rock and treasure forever. 

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Meet the newbies via video. 

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Welcome to the new blog site. 
ReachOut2017 started off as a school assignment and ended as my personal blog with about 25 posts compiled from 2017 to 2020.
Replacing that old blog is ReachOut2020!


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