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I serve in Japan as an AGWM missionary with Chi Alpha Japan (campus ministry), Tokyo Urban Church (Japan A/G), and the Missionary Field Committee as the appointed business manager. As of September 2020 I started my 4th term of serving in Japan.

Japan is the 2nd largest never reached people group in the world. Less than 1% of 125 million people are Christian. Tokyo, the largest metropolis in the world, is home to more than 36 million people who need to hear the gospel. Most people have no religious belief but practice Shinto/Buddhist rituals and traditions out of a sense of duty and fear.

Hopelessness, depression, and suicide are common in Japanese society. Only the life-giving message of Jesus Christ can bring hope and change to the Never Reached in Japan. In Japan young people are the most open to the gospel. Reaching and discipling them is key to reaching families, communities, and the marketplace. Chi Alpha Japan is reaching students on 25 campuses, but more workers are needed to reach 3 million students on +1,000 universities.

Would you please help reach Japan by:
*Praying for the Never Reached in Japan to hear about Jesus, experience His love in the context of community, and come to believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior?
*Becoming a financial supporter (monthly or one-time)?
*Praying about serving short-term or long-term in Japan?

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