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The Blairs are appointed missionaries to Slovenia. As the only AGWM missionaries in Slovenia, they will be partnering with the national Pentecostal church to inspire church development and revitalization by engaging the secularist. Togeter they can begin to reach a country that struggles with alcoholism and depression, along with reaching out to  the marginalized people groups living in Slovenia.

Dan grew up in Ohio, and Abigail grew up in Hungary as a missionary kid. They met at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium where they both earned their Bachelors degree. Dan has his BA in Misisons and Abigail has her BA in Christian Education. They have one son, Aidan who is 3 years old. Dan previously served as a youth pastor within the Peninsular Florida District and Abigail as a kindergarten teacher. They feel called to reach Slovenia by living out the love of Christ one relationship at a time.

Many people think of Europe as a beautiful, culturally rich, and liturgical continent, however at the heart of it, Europe is a continent in need of a revival, and the understanding of a personal relationship with Jesus.  With the recent refugee crisis, which has affected Slovenia and many other European countries, the gospel has never been more relevant.  They are excited to witness what God has in store for the people of Slovenia! Through Jesus' there is Hope for Slovenia!


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Greetings from Slovenia!

It's been a while since we've given you all an update, and to be quite honest, it's because of... life!
We are really settling into our new home, and getting used to our new normal.
We were delighted to get to spend our first holiday season in Slovenia, and our first "real" winter in a long time - this Florida-transplant family forgot about the cold!

So, we just wanted to give you all a short update on what we've been up to in the past couple months.  


We were so excited and honored to be a part of the Christmas program at the local church we attend, here in Ljubljana!  Aidan played the part of a wiseman, and was part of the children's choir!  It was extra special to hear him singing Christmas carols in Slovene!

On Christmas Day, we were so thankful to have Christmas dinner at the church with a few other families.  One of the families from the church hosts it every year, especially for those who don't have family nearby.  We loved getting to spend Christmas day with our new church family!

We also delivered cookies to our neighbors in our apartment building.  With the help our language teacher, we wrote each one of them a note, wishing them a very Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year.  Then, we went to each door and introduced ourselves - in (broken) Slovene!  It can be difficult to get to know one's neighbors, especially in an apartment building, but we're hoping that through interactions such as these, we'll be able to build meaningful relationships with them!

Language Learning

This is definitely NOT the glamorous side of missions, but it is the foundation, the groundwork without which we won't be able to truly reach Slovenia.  So, we have been working hard at our Slovene language classes.  Here are some examples of how much we've learned in the past few months:

We've had language classes for about 3 1/2 months.  We have learned how to introduce ourselves, talk about the weather, give directions, talk about motion, conjugate verbs, express possession of nouns, describe our families, lots and lots of grammatical rules, and we just started learning the past and future tenses.
We could not be more pleased with our tutor - she is very knowledgeable (she teaches at the university), patient, she loves her language - which in return makes us love her language, and she has a wonderful way of tying in what we're learning about Slovene with the culture.
Our teacher is actually leaving for 3 months, for a job outside of the country.  Please join us in praying for her, that she would be able to adjust well to her new surroundings, she would enjoy her job posting, and would... come back!

In the meantime, we will be taking a course at the university for the 3 months that she is gone.  We took a placement test earlier this week, and classes start at the beginning of March.  Please be praying for us, that we would make new friends at our courses, that our Slovene knowledge would deepen, and we would have a good time doing it!


We were so excited to visit one of the other churches in the Pentecostal movement, a church in Murska Sobota.  In the type of coincide that only God can bring together, the pastor of that church was actually a friend of ours from college, at Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium.  We had a wonderful time sharing with them!  We introduced ourselves in Slovene, as well as we could, and then Dan shared his testimony, and how the Lord orchestrated everything for us to be able to come here.  We look forward to being able to visit more of the churches in the future, and building relationships.

Speaking of relationships, we've been very excited to get to know some of the children and parents from Aidan's school!  In the afternoons, we all seem to pick up our kids at the same time, which has been a great way to meet.  These pictures were taken on a hill near Aidan's school, where we got to have some fun.  In the next few months, we're hoping to meet some of the parents for coffee, or arrange play dates, so we would appreciate you praying for those relationships as well!

As always, we appreciate your prayers, your love, and your support!  Thank you for making it possible for us to minister in Slovenia, we couldn't be here without you!

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Hello, dear friends!  We hope you are all having a blessed and peaceful Christmas season!
We are experiencing our first holiday season here in Ljubljana, and we are enjoying so many of the uniquely Slovenian traditions.

Yesterday, we went up to the Ljubljana castle to see some lights, and were thoroughly tickled pink to see the official Saint Nicholas for the city of Ljubljana, just before he headed out for his procession through the city.
As we walked around, we noticed a life-sized carved wood nativity. It was beautifully intricate, and we stood there for a while admiring it.  We had been standing for quite some time, when I noticed something, and looked at Dan, and said "But where's Jesus?"

Now, I understand that realistically and probably the reason baby Jesus is not yet in the manger, is because it is not yet actually Christmas, so he hasn't been "born".  But is was odd to us, nonetheless that Jesus was not part of the nativity.  As Christians, whenever we set out a nativity, the "baby Jesus" piece is the most precious one, and is not one to be left out.
But as we admire the beauty of the season here in Ljubljana, this has been what we've noticed:

There are monuments to religiosity peppered through the city - churches, nativities, stars, crosses... but, where's Jesus?

People prepare to go to midnight mass, they celebrate a saint, Saint Nicholas - who devoted his life to serving others in the name of Jesus, people slow down and spend time with their families... but, where's Jesus?

You can buy Advent wreaths in all the local grocery stores and flower shops, you can hear Christmas music playing on the radio... but, where's Jesus?

Because Slovenia is traditionally Roman Catholic, their traditions revolve around the symbols of the season, and yet the true relationship with Christ, the "reason for the season", is missing in so many of their lives.

This is not a uniquely Slovenian phenomenon.  It is the same around the world, and yet our hearts are for the Slovenes.  It is our deepest desire that the people of Slovenia would know the personal relationship with Jesus that gives us joy, comfort and peace during this time of year - and throughout the year.

The beauty in the lights, is that Jesus is our light.  The meaning behind the stars, is the star that led the wise men to Him.  The sweetness of the nativity is being reminded of Jesus' humble birth - God became man.  The tradition of Saint Nicholas is special because of the idea of giving our lives in service to God and those around us.  The tranquility of the Advent wreaths, is to prepare our hearts for the Lord.  Christmas music (not Jingle Bells, but songs such as Away in a Manger) are public reminders of why we celebrate.  We spend time with our families and loved ones, because we are thankful that God gave them to us to love - because He loved us first.  All of these traditions and symbols are beautiful, and should be celebrated.  But if they are celebrated without Jesus, they lose their meaning.

This Christmas season, we hope and pray that the symbols Slovenians - our friends and neighbors, see around them cause them to wonder, and search for the true meaning behind them - Jesus.  And we pray that we are able to be there for them in those moments.  We are so thankful that God has allowed us to be here, and for the lives that will be changed because of Him.

We pray the same for you, that you and those you love would open their hearts to God, and allow Him to give you joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Please continue to pray for us, we are still dealing with a situation we cannot yet freely share about, but we know that God is in control, and the local churches here, and our new friends have been a great help to us.  We know that everything will work out in God's perfect timing.

Have a merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year!

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