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The Blairs are appointed missionaries to Slovenia. As the only AGWM missionaries in Slovenia, they are partnering with the national Pentecostal church to inspire church development and revitalization by engaging the secularist. Togeter they can begin to reach a country that struggles with alcoholism and depression, along with reaching out to the marginalized people groups living in Slovenia.

Dan grew up in Ohio, and Abigail grew up in Hungary as a missionary kid. They met at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium where they both earned their Bachelors degree. Dan has his BA in Misisons and Abigail has her BA in Christian Education. They have two children, Aidan and Jocelyn. Dan previously served as a youth pastor within the Peninsular Florida District and Abigail as a kindergarten teacher. They feel called to reach Slovenia by living out the love of Christ one relationship at a time.

Many people think of Europe as a beautiful, culturally rich, and liturgical continent, however at the heart of it, Europe is a continent in need of a revival, and the understanding of a personal relationship with Jesus.  With the recent refugee crisis, which has affected Slovenia and many other European countries, the gospel has never been more relevant. They are excited to witness what God has in store for the people of Slovenia! Through Jesus' there is Hope for Slovenia!


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Hello, friends!

December and January were full of ministry opportunities, celebrations and festivities!  Here are some of the things we've been up to:

1. Church Christmas

Abigail was very excited to be a part of the Christmas program for our church! She sang in the choir, and led the kids' ministry bell choir, which debuted at our Christmas service. It was a huge success, and everyone loved seeing their children perform something new, so well!

2. Young Adult Ministries

Dan continues to be a part of the country's leadership team for the Young Adult Ministries. They are in the process of planning the Winter camp, and have had a number of worship nights. Dan has greatly enjoyed getting to know some of the pastors better - in fact, he and a pastor friend will be attending a symposium in Spain next month, hosted by the Assemblies of God, about reaching secular people. We are thrilled to be a part of the ministry towards the youth of Slovenia!

3. Bethany Global University Missions Trip

Our church in Ljubljana is a host site for Bethany Global University interns. We currently have 6 students taking part in the training. Our pastor asked us to help them find some areas of ministry. Abigail's mom, fellow missionary Jocelyn Gracza has taught English at one of the Hungarian high schools in Budapest (actually, the school where Abigail and her brothers attended), and was able to have the interns go and facilitate conversational English lessons. Dan even ended up substitute teaching for one of Abigail's former teachers! We were so glad to be able to strengthen the relationship with this high school, as well as help the Bethany students fulfill some of their academic requirements.

4. Friends and Neighbors

We have loved getting to know our friends from church, as well as from our son's school. God has blessed us with exceptional people, who we are blessed to live in fellowship with. We spent Thanksgiving with a family from church, have had cookie decorating parties, baby showers and play dates. At Christmas time, we once again baked cookies and delivered them to our neighbors. Through this we've gotten to know our one neighbor and her dog, another neighbor had cookies for us too, and we have a mommy-baby walk planned.

Najlepša hvala, thank you so much for your love and support! We couldn't do any of these things, if it weren't for your prayers, encouragement and partnership! As always, we appreciate you more than you know!

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Dear friends,
Thank you for being on this journey with us as we settle into our new normal.  It has been a little longer than usual since our last update, as we have had a little less sleep, a little fuller days, and a lot more love to go around.

1. Late Summer

Dan is on the leadership team for the Slovenian Young Adult Ministries.  As part of that responsibility, he helped plan and organize the Summer camp.  He and another Slovene pastor were asked to host an "American" themed night.  It was a great time of fellowship, fun, games and great food!  Thanks to Light For The Lost funds, we were able to give every student in attendance a copy of True Identity/Prava Identita, that had just recently been translated into Slovene.

He also helped a Slovene home missionary to the Roma communities with a week-long summer camp for children.  We were able to give every child there a Slovene Action Bible - a kids' Bible in their very own language!  For many of them, it is the only Bible the have access to.

2. A New Ministry Team Member

In September we welcomed the newest member of our team!  Abigail gave birth to our littles missionary here in Slovenia, in a city called Postojna.  The medical care was wonderful, and baby and mommy did great!  Big brother is completely smitten, as are we all!  Thank you to all of you who congratulated us, and sent notes of love and joy!

3. The Puzzle

Our "Puzzle" project is moving forward wonderfully!  Two weeks after the arrival of our Peanut, we spent two days recording the Slovene voices for the characters.  It went wonderfully! We've since received the finished copy, and it sounds great!

We also just received the costumes in the mail!  Once the new year starts, we're hoping to start putting together the actors and practices!  Thank you so much for praying with us about this exciting ministry opportunity!

4. Training and Missionary Fellowshipping

During our first term (3 years) as missionaries, every year we attend a "First Term" retreat.  It is a terrific time, full of friends (especially for the kiddos), being ministered to, learning new things and being spiritually fed.

After that, we went to our Southeast area conference.  It was on a Hungarian horse ranch, where we were encouraged to relax, fellowship and unwind.  It was great to see new friends, and make some new ones.  Our son especially enjoyed getting to ride a horse!  One really exciting fact - every single missionary in our area who was on the field was in attendance - around 80 of us!

5. Regional Director Visiting

We were honored to have our Europe Regional Director, Paul Trementozzi come and visit us at the end of November.  He came to speak at the Slovene pastors' meeting, and preach at two of the Slovene national churches.  He spoke on unity, cooperation, and the importance of personal Sabbath.  Thanks to our Speed the Light vehicle, Dan was able to drive Paul to all of the meetings throughout Slovenia.  We are so thankful for our safe and reliable transportation, thanks to our PenFlorida youth!

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, love and support!  We hope you all have a blessed holiday season, and a very happy New Year!

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