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Christ said that the opportunities for the harvest would be great, but the workers would be few, and this has never been turer than it is today in Thailand. The harvest is great...but there are so few workers. Lord, send us workers for the harvest.

We see our purpose in Thailand to be facilitators of the Word through an array of programs that reach the never-reached, planting churches where none exist today, training up a new generation of missionary and Thai church planters and disciple makers, and serving compassionately those who are at greatest risk in our community. 

Prayerfully consider joining our team, either as a prayer and financial supporter or as a member of our ministry team in Thailand. A month, a year, or a lifetime, whatever the length of service, your presence with us in Thailand will have an eternal impact on the Thai people you serve.

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We have an update on two urgent prayer requests:

1.) Tammy will be going to a well-respected international hospital on Tuesday morning, Bangkok time (Monday evening in the USA). She will have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy to investigate the large polyp found two weeks ago and look for other areas of concern. The hospital team may also remove the large polyp when they are doing these procedures. Please join us in praying for Tammy from 9:00 pm Monday evening to 1:00 am Tuesday morning EDT as she goes through these procedures and subsequent recovery.

Also, Tammy and Wayne will meet with a gastric oncologist on Sunday morning, September 5, Bangkok time (Saturday evening in the USA). He will review the medical findings concerning the tumor on Tammy's pancreas and determine the next steps. This is a second opinion meeting to verify that the initial diagnosis is correct. Please be praying for us during this time, especially from 11:00 pm Saturday night to 2:00 am Sunday morning EDT.

2.) While the COVID—19 situation in Thailand is still bad, the stress on the hospital system is much less now than two weeks ago. As a result, it no longer looks like we will need to leave Thailand for a safer location. Thank you for praying with us over this issue. Please continue to pray for an end to this horrible pandemic. We are likewise praying for all our family and friends in the USA and around the world as we all continue to suffer through this latest Delta Variant outbreak.

We truly do appreciate all those who join us in prayer whenever we post a need. Our prayer team is a major force in keeping us engaged in the work God has called us to do. I don't think we could have maintained this work for nearly 17 years without your faithful prayers.

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We have two urgent prayer requests:

1.) Tammy has a tumor on her pancreas which has grown a little since her last checkup. Also, there has now been a change with the tumor resulting in her doctor wanting to have another follow up visit in 3 months. In addition to that primary area of concern, today, her doctor also found a very large polyp in her stomach that might need to be removed.

Tammy and Wayne both feel very confident in her doctor but even more confident in our God. We want you all to understand this is not bad news, but it is something where we desire your partnership with us in prayer.

2.) COVID—19 is out of control in Thailand and the medical system is quickly growing overwhelmed. As we contemplate an increasingly likely emergency evacuation from Thailand, trying to settle on where we can go is a growing concern. Florida's current disregard for any sensible COVID—19 mitigation measures makes that an almost impossible destination as we are not fully vaccinated and both Rebecca and Wayne are considered high risk.

A destination which is looking very attractive is New Mexico. Their vaccine numbers are great (some areas approaching 90% fully vaccinated) and services for Rebecca are among the best in the nation. Hopefully, evacuation form Thailand will not be required, but if necessary, perhaps New Mexico will be our place of waiting out the situation in Thailand.

Please join us in praying, first that evacuation will not be necessary and second that if necessary, we will have the wisdom and courage to go where God wants us to go. Hopefully, any evacuation will only be for a few months until the situation in Thailand returns to something closer to normal.

We truly do appreciate all those who join us in prayer whenever we post a need. Our prayer team is a major force in keeping us engaged in the work God has called us to do. I don't think we could have maintained this work for nearly 17 years without your faithful prayers.

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A third COVID-19 wave hit Thailand in April, and it’s still going strong. As a result, I (Tammy) have been unable to teach English at any of our outreach sites for several months. Based on the latest feedback from the government, it could be several more months before we can start teaching in person again.

During this time of waiting, God placed it on my heart to reach out to my students by making short teaching videos and posting them on a private YouTube channel. Students in each of our outreach communities gather together via an online social application called LINE, where they watch the lesson and interact with our teachers. This way, my students can continue learning English, and I can stay in contact with them. 

Recently, Niki and I developed seven different lesson plans and shot a video for each lesson. The lessons are on shapes, family, animals, things in the sky, their home, and colors. We have put up posters with QR codes that lead the children to our private YouTube channel, where we release a new video each week. Many of my students will watch the videos and complete each week’s lesson with their parents or older siblings.

I greatly miss being with my students in person; however, I am incredibly grateful that we could give them Bibles at Christmas. I pray that they use this time of isolation to read their Bible. To help them with that task, we started an online group for them where we will be posting verses and stories for them to read in their Bible.

Please join us in praying...

1. that the students will engage in their Bible studies,

2. that these videos will reach my students and maybe even other Thais too,

3. that the COVID-19 pandemic gets under control quickly here in Southeast Asia.

CLICK HERE for a one-page printable version of this update.

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The first several months of 2021 are looking a lot like most of 2020; cancellations, restrictions, and lockdowns were the theme for January and February. Thankfully, as we moved into March, the second wave of the Coronavirus slowed, and Bangkok started to reopen. That reopening includes our English outreach at The CORE. The CORE is our community outreach facility here in eastern Bangkok, where we teach English to children and youth who might be struggling due to their economic or social situation.

This week, in the English class Tammy conducts at The CORE, our students read the story about Easter from the Bible. Through Scripture portions designed for children, they learned how Jesus died for all people who put their faith in him. Part of our outreach activities also includes introducing our students to typical western culture. As this is Easter season, Tammy taught them how to dye Easter Eggs. We had to use duck eggs because chicken eggs in Thailand do not dye well. Each student also got their own plastic egg filled with Jelly Beans.

Most of our students are Buddhist; however, all seem willing to learn more about Christianity. Please pray for these children. Ask the Lord to bless them and protect them. Ask for the Holy Spirit's direction and conviction to be with them. Pray that one day, as we continue to teach them about Jesus through our English outreaches, that they will come to know him as their true source for forgiveness of their sins. And pray for Da, our Thai helper. She came to Christ through our university outreach ministry several years ago and is now doing some incredible work as a disciple-maker among Buddhists in eastern Bangkok.

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PO Box 62 – Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240 – Thailand

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 Even in a Pandemic – God's Purpose Will Prevail

Shortly after celebrating the arrival of 2020, the first of what was to be several teams from the USA arrived in Thailand. I (Tammy) hosted this small team of two friends from Marion Oaks Assembly of God in Ocala, FL. We had a fantastic multi-week road trip as we visited with pastors and women's ministry leaders from across the Kingdom. We prayed for them and joined them to dream of what God will do in and through their ministry. Within weeks of the team returning to the USA, COVID–19 hit us. The borders of Thailand were closed, and the government ordered everyone to stay home and only go out for essential activities.

The sudden onset of the Coronavirus pandemic resulted in the cancelation of all our scheduled student and church teams for 2020, including the PenFL Women's Ministry team, who were scheduled help me with a November Thailand Assemblies of God Women's Conference. On the surface, all seemed lost; however, even in a pandemic, God is able to move in significant ways.

Fast forward to October. The pandemic is totally under control in Thailand. Our borders are still closed, but we can get together for events. The Thailand Assemblies of God shifted their annual General Council meeting from April to October; therefore, I was able to join the sessions. It was amazing to reconnect with all the ladies our small team had met in January, to hear how God answered our pre-COVID prayers, how He is moving in and through their ministries, and joining them once again to dream of what is yet to come.

Times like these can be very challenging, even discouraging. While we may never understand why this virus so devastated our world; there is one thing we can be assured of; as Paul reminds us in his letter to the church in Rome, "we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." God has not called us to understand the circumstances. Instead, He has called us to trust Him through these circumstances. And so, while I pray daily for our friends and family in the USA, and also for these wonderful ladies in the Thailand Assemblies of God, I rest on the assurance that once life returns to something near normal, God will be glorified and His purpose in this time and place will be fulfilled. Because these women are still asking, "when are the American ladies coming to celebrate with us?" The seeds of expectation planted in January have germinated into a harvest of hope for what is yet to come.

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This three-minute video shares many images of life in predominantly Buddhist Thailand, especially focusing on the unreached region of Thailand know as Isaan. The Brown family, through their leadershiip of APSAI, send students throughout Thailand to share the good news and to inspire more to go into the ripe harvest. #Compelled2Go #MissionaryLife #Missionary #Missions #Unreached #LeastReached
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A special Valentine's Day greeting from Wayne and Tammy.
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