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Reaching the Unreached in Cambodia 

    We are the Bryner family. Daniel, Khuyen, Peter and Grace. We have been serving in Cambodia since May of 2019. We are on our first term which is 4 years long.

What makes us unique?

·         Khuyen was born in a Buddhist family in Vietnam and led to the Lord by AG missionaries.

·         We are working with the Vietnamese in Cambodia.

·         Khuyen already knows the Vietnamese language and culture and is reaching her own people.

·         Most of the Vietnamese in Cambodia are extremely poor and unreached.

Khuyen’s Story:  Khuyen was born in Vietnam and raised in a Buddhist family. For most of her life growing up, she had never heard the gospel. But when she was in college, Assemblies of God missionaries came and led her to the Lord. She began getting involved in ministry and took many trips to bring the gospel to remote villages in Vietnam. She also translated all the study notes in the Fire Bible into Vietnamese. Khuyen was led to the Lord by missionaries and now God has called her to be a missionary and take the gospel back to her own people, the Vietnamese in Cambodia.

The Need: There are a large number of Vietnamese living in Cambodia and that is the group that we are working with. The Vietnamese in Cambodia are extremely poor. Most of them live on or next to the water in very simple homes. We estimate that 1 out of 600 in this group has a personal relationship with Christ. Most of them have never heard the good news of the gospel.

Ministry: We both finished a year of Cambodian language school. Now Daniel is studying Vietnamese and we have begun working with the Vietnamese. We are helping the Vietnamese with things like education. We are also building relationships and sharing about Christ. As we lead people to the Lord, we will disciple them. From there we want to start a church and begin training the Vietnamese to reach their own people and be leaders in their church. Then we plan to go and plant more churches. Our dream is to see many churches planted among the Vietnamese in Cambodia. God worked through missionaries and radically changed Khuyen's life. Our prayer is that now God would work through us and touch many more Vietnamese in a powerful way! 

We Need Your Help: Would you consider making a monthly commitment to support our ministry through prayer and financial support?  Together we can bring the gospel and hope to these people who are living in hopelessness in Cambodia.  

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