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Praise the Lord!  Thank you for stopping by our website to stay updated with what the Rice Family is doing these days.  Please allow us to provide some background into our missions journey.  In 2014, we were approved as missionary associates to the Canary Islands.  By 2016 with our funds raised, we traveled to the islands and rented an apartment in El Friele, Tenerife.  Our mission was to work with veteran missionaries, Mark and Kelly Baumgartner.  While there, we learned a little Spanish, helped in the Bible institute, and assisted in planting an international church in Adeje. Tenerife.  Having accomplished a portion of those things, we cut short our term due to family complications back in the United States.


With our family settled by early 2019, we felt the Lord leading us back into full-time missions.  We were approved as fully appointed missionaries to Portugal in October.  Our mission is to help plant LIFE Church - Lisbon International Fellowship Church in Lisbon, Portugal (  We'll be working on a pastoral team alongside veteran missionaries Dan and Joy West.  We are excited about God opening the door for us in this part of Europe.  We will use our giftings in pastoral leadership, music, discipleship, teaching, hospitality, as well as others to reach the international community in Lisbon.  While the native language of Portugal is obviously Portuguese, a large percentage of the population speaks English.  Many immigrants and expats from other parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa speak English and make Portugal their home.  We will be learning Portuguese to broaden our range of ministry among the nationals.


Billed as one of Europe's oldest city, Lisbon and the surrounding areas is home to almost 3 million people.  On the southern coast, it is the capital of Portugal.  While there are a number of notable cathedrals, the population is primarily secular.  Secular in this context simply means people living without God.  Our mission is to reach the international community of Lisbon with the Good News of the Gospel.  There are over two hundred thousand immigrants living in Lisbon.  This means our opportunities are without boundaries.


In December 2019 we began our journey toward this mission.  Watch our video: ( Please help us by holding us up before the Throne of God.  We are in desperate need for God to open the door into people's lives to hear our mission, pray for us,  and partnering with us financially.  We would also ask you to pray that the hearts of the people of Lisbon would be open to hearing the message of the Gospel.  Below is a button you can click telling us that you are and will be praying for us.  Also, there is an opportunity to see our latest and past newsletters.  Thank you for following us through our missions journey.


Update - June 2021: We are nearing the end of our 18th month of itineration. The challenge is obtaining monthly partners to help us financially.  We have services until November 2021.  It is urgent that we get to Portugal by the end of 2021 due to Dan and Joy coming home on furlough.  This timetable only allows for a set number of church services.  What we are praying for is individuals and churches to sign up to help us get there.  We cannot leave for the field until 100% of our budget is raised.  We need $5,000 in monthly support.  That is 100 people who will pledge $50/month.  Help us pray.

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Part 4 of the Our Journey Installment. Please click subscribe and the bell to the right of the subscribe button. If you do, you'll be notified when we post a new video. This video is the story when we received direction from missionary Robert Holmes about going into mission with the Assemblies of God. We were already called of God, but we needed a push in the right direction. Enjoy.
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Well, we're picking up where the last video left off. Sorry about the abrupt cut off, but the card in the camera failed. This installment of our journey is from the beginning of Bible-Way Church of Corpus Christi to Glad Tidings Assembly of God. We lived in Corpus Christi for 7 years. Follow our journey to Portugal: Facebook - thericefamilytoportugal
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We hope you will enjoy the next installment of our journey. The camera had a problem and the story was cut short. We'll take up where this one left off next week. Please leave a comment and like and subscribe. See you next week. To fin out more about our mission to Portugal, follow this link: If you would like to partner with us to reach the immigrant population of Lisbon, Portugal, follow this link:
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The next video about our journey from meeting through our ministry years. We are itinerating Assemblies of God World Missionaries to Portugal. We are self-funded through generous people and churches across America. Our mission is to reach the international community in Lisbon, Portugal. Over 500,000 foreign nationals call Portugal their home. Over 50,000 live in Lisbon. We will be evangelizing these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The believers will be invited to an international friendly community called LIFE Church. If you would like to partner with us to continue our journey, you can contact me at
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Join us as we share our story. We met for the first time in 1985 and little did we know where that would eventually lead. I trust this will be a blessing to you as it was to us sharing it. We are just ordinary people with a call upon our lives to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God.
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