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Training the Next Generation of Spirit-Filled Leaders in Europe


In a land of spiritual disillusionment, religious pluralism, and rampant secularism, there is a great need to raise up European leaders in the church who are sensitive to the empowering and transforming work of the Holy Spirit. David and Emily Trementozzi bring their unique educational and ministerial backgrounds to this task. 



David will be teaching and training future pastors and leaders at Continental Theological Seminary (CTS) in Brussels, Belgium. CTS is a premier Pentecostal graduate school that brings together students from all through Europe and around the world. Many CTS students, after graduating, return home to serve in major leadership roles in the national church of their respective countries.

Emily’s extensive missionary work has trained her for cross cultural ministry and given her a heart to share the gospel with those in hopeless and desperate situations. Emily is working with Breaking Chains Network, a ministry working to offer hope and healing to victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Europe.



David has served with the Assemblies of God since 1990 and has over thirteen years of pastoral and teaching experience ranging from youth ministry, to leading missions trips, leadership training, and education. Emily began serving in overseas missionary work since 1993 and has since served as a youth pastor and a missions coordinator. 



David has a BA in Psychology (Messiah College), a M.Div. in Practical Theology (Regent University), and a Ph.D., in Theology (Regent University).



David’s ministry skills are in teaching, training, and discipleship. Emily’s ministry skills are in mission’s mobilization, compassion outreach, and youth ministry.



David and Emily have been married since 2000 and have three children—Judah (17), Kaleb (15), and Halle (9).

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